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Bear Bushido

"The Way of the Bear Warrior"

Bear Bushido is revealed in this pictureicon"The Bear Bushido is a long yet rewarding path, all Bushi who follow this Musha Shugyo are transformed into a focused and refined individual."

"As you advance in your Musha Shugyo, allow yourself to transcend concepts and principles, instead focus on the journey and the lessons embodied in that journey."
--The Bear Warrior

So, by now you may be asking yourself

  • what is bushido?

  • How does the way of the bear warrior differ?

  • What is a mushya shugyo?
  • and more importantly, how does it all relate to the warrior journey?

    No matter, if you are intrigued by these concepts and lifestyle? Then your warrior journey has lead you down the path of bear bushido or "way of the bear warrior".

    Upon traveling this training path, the bear warrior we will reveal to you the concepts of this warrior training philosophy and lifestyle.

    The way of the Bear Warrior will supply you with the training and development skills needed to advance in any aspect of the training arts.

    It matters not how you express your training art or in what form it takes. You can be a...

  • sports warrior

  • combat warrior

  • warrior street combat self defense practitioner

  • student of the ancient warrior ways

  • warrior martial artist

  • business warrior
  • For All warriors who explore this form of the bushido training and it's concepts will develop a deeper understanding of their particular warrior training path.

    The training and development of these warrior skills is essential in mastering your particular mushya shugyo (warrior Pilgrimage).

    For the Quest of learning through the training and development of ones self is what being a bear warrior is all about.

    By simply applying these concepts you will concentrate on a more scientific approach to expressing your warrior way.

    Here are just a few of the concepts explored:

      Through training and development of your warrior passions, you place yourself ahead of the pack, examining all and evaluating everything.
      Developing Leadership skills is a natural progression of bear bushido training. By giving more than you take, a natural balance of the warrior spirit is achieved.
    These warrior concepts and techniques will enhance your warrior path. Thus helping you achieve the insight to..
      ...use what works, and disregard what doesn't.

    Way of the Bear Warrior
    Training and Development Topics

    As this section grows, we will explore many concepts while examining the training of several bushido..

    ...disciplines, weapons, codes and warriors.

    Below is a list of articles and resources that I believe will help you on this part of your warrior training journey.
      Way of the Bear Warrior Training and Development - Warrior training and development is the Quest of learning, exploring and mastering the mushya shugyo.

      For the Quest of learning through the training and development of ones self is what being a warrior is all about.
      Samurai Bushido Code - The ancient Samurai warriors were the creators of bushido. This article will examine the origins of this way of the warrior.
      Discovering the Bear - An in depth look at the concepts that mold the way of the bear warrior.
      The Art of Bushido Training - Discover the personal training concepts that form a foundation for all Bear Bushi. It transform personal bushi training from a path into an art form, thus training becomes more alive, challenging, and rewarding.
      Warrior Code - A look at what defines a specific bushi group, organization, or clan, while discovering the warrior code of the tiger and the bear.
      Warrior Stories allow the warrior to pass on their experiences, training, and insight to others. The sharing of the warrior story is the natural progression and expression of ones warrior walk.

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    Come Train with the Bear and
    you may find the Tiger along the Way

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