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Warrior Health Fitness Training

"Warrior Health Fitness training will make a difference in your life,
helping you achieve a higher quality of warrior training.

Without a strong Health Fitness program injury risks can increase, technique effectiveness will diminishes, and the ability to increase your warrior knowledge is stifled.

The purpose
of warrior fitness training is to help you add to your current health, keeping you on your warrior path. How you ask?

By Helping you Increase your....

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

  • Health and Fitness is one of the most Important parts of the warrior training regimen. No matter what form your warrior expression takes.

    can benefit from health fitness training with the Bear Warrior. So, who can benefit...

  • Martial artist
  • street combat self defense practitioners
  • rock climbing warriors
  • road warriors
  • sports warriors
  • combat warriors
  • survival warriors ...

  • ...Virtually any warrior with enough passion and determination, can and will improve their warrior health and fitness levels. All with the help of...

    The Warrior Hall's Health and Fitness Training Path

    How? It's easy, if you increase your strength, your techniques are harder. Add that together with increased speed and you become faster and more powerful.

    Increase your stamina and you can last longer in a competition, during outdoor recreation, in a street survival situation, or when following the martial way.

    A more balanced nutrition program coupled with increased flexibility, will increase your health. Keeping you from as many injuries, while enhancing your healing time.

    Adding a strong and consistent health fitness program to your warrior training will help you stay focused on your warrior journey. Inevitably it helps you;
    1. strike harder
    2. block faster
    3. escape more quickly
    4. climb longer
    5. ride faster
    ...and think more clearly

    It does not take a great deal to increase your current fitness level, something as simple as walking everyday can greatly improve your health and fitness levels.

    The Warrior Hall's Health-Fitness Path

    Here is a List of what is Planned for the future of this section, as each page becomes available the bold heading will become a link.

      Strength Training - Together, we will explore the techniques, application, diversity and avenues of strength training.

      Strength training is a very important part of any warrior's training and is a great place to start..

      Weight Training - Even though weight training is a form of strength training, it holds it own. This form of warrior training is an intricate part of kuma's warrior fitness training.

      Speed Training - Examining how speed is accomplished (i.e. through technique, power, quickness of reaction time and endurance)

      Endurance Training - Examining the different types of endurance training available. Such as, Aerobic endurance, Anaerobic endurance, Speed endurance, mental endurance and Strength endurance.

      Warrior Fitness Resources - An exclusive set of websites, seminars, training halls, information, products and supplies related to the warrior fitness path.

      Many More Warrior Health and Fitness Topics are planned for the future......

    I am very excited about the future of this Martial Art Hall of Warrior Training Path, and I hope you will continue on this warrior journey with us.

    If you would like to be notified as new information is added to this page and receive special insider tips, events and instruction, then please, join our....

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    Come Train with the Bear and
    you may find the Tiger along the Way

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    Okii Kuma Ryu

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