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Weapon Arts
Martial Art Weapon Styles

Examining Classical, Modern and Ancient
Warrior Martial Art Weapon Styles

Are intrested in learning more about the various weapon arts that exsist or have exsisted through out history?

Would you like to begin a weapons art journey, but aren't sure where to begin?

The use of weapons in martial art disciplines; for self defense, survival and conflict are as old as human history itself.

As we discussed in our warrior martial arts weapons training section..

    Most warrior arts have some form of weapons training in there curriculum, differing warrior systems may include their weapons training as part of their art or martial system.

    While other martial arts may separate the weapons training from unarmed combat training, such as in okinawan karate's kobudo training.

    There are also warrior arts dedicated to, or based upon their weapons training.

    In some warrior weapon training curriculums there may be special and unique techniques used and taught that pertain to the weapons themselves.

    Martial art unarmed training from weapon trainingThese are often kept separate and apart from the hand to hand unarmed combat portion of their martial training.

    Then again some warrior martial art systems may have no difference in open handed unarmed combat techniques and the movements used by their weapon arts. In this instance the martial art weapon is viewed as an extensions of the body.

    There are Yet other warrior schools of thought and fighting that were derived directly from the practice and training of the warrior weapon arts themselves. Inevidably your weapons training and unarmed combat training become seamless.

Martial Art Weapon Styles..

This is only the beginning of our discussion of different warrior weapon arts.
  • Kendo Art of the Sword
  • Native American weapon arts
  • Exotic weapon arts
  • Samurai weapon arts
  • Ninja weapon arts
  • The Art of Non Lethal Weapons
  • Modern weapon arts
  • The Art of Medieval weapons
  • Kobudo: Okinawan Martial Art Weapon Style

  • Come Train with the Bear and
    you may find the Tiger along the Way

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    Okii Kuma Ryu

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