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Hale Koa Martial Arts Biography

The Hale Koa Martial Arts Biography is a collection of warriors whom have helped shape Big Bear Academy's Martial Art Hall of Warrior Training and my personal warrior journey.

As we travel through the journey of life, we interact with many different types of people, these interactions help shape who we are. The warrior martial art path is no different; as your mushya shugyo (warrior pilgrimage) advances there are those who influence your warrior journey.

All this brings us to the creation of the Hale Koa Martial Arts Biography collection. This collection of warriors will give you a glimpse into the direct and indirect influences that have helped to enhanced, forwarded and shaped my kuma mushya shuygo.

Hawaii Warrior Patch of M. CeballosYou may be wondering why I choose to include the Hawaiian words hale koa, which translate to house of the warrior. The answer is best understood by introducing a warrior who has been an influence in forming and solidifying my warrior training path.

1970 Patch of M. CeballosWho is this warrior? His name is Michael J. Ceballos and his family has roots in both Hawaii and the Philippians. He is the Founder of Tamanegi Do Martial Arts System and the GM of Escrima de Ceballos.

I first met Hanchi Ceballos while living and training in Orlando, Florida, back in the mid 1990's He once made the suggestion that we should create a hale koa to honor warriors past and present.

I have honored his suggestion with a slight variation, focusing on those whom have influenced my personal mushya shuygo.

Since Ceballos Sensei was the inspiration for this hale koa biography collection, it was an obvious choice that he be the first warrior inducted to our Hall of Warriors Ohana (family) .

The next inductee into the Hale Koa Martial Arts Biography collection needs little introduction. He has inspired me through his talent of both martial arts training and cinematic presence. Who is this you ask?

None other than Martial art movie star Jet Li.

Future of the Hale Koa Martial Arts Biography Collection

As an added benefit I have created a house of warriors martial arts biography page where each visitor to the martial art warrior training hall can honor the warriors whom have shaped their personal Mushya Shugyo.

With all the different influences in ones personal mushya shugyo deciding where to start has become a daunting task. Yet through my mushya shugyo there has been one warrior who has continued to share and shape my warrior martial art journey.

Although this warrior, I will simply refer to them as Master Iron Hand, is very private. A special honor in the Martial Art Hall of Warriors Ohana is always reserved for Master Iron Hand.

Stay tuned as this blooms into a very intresting and personal reflection into the bear warrior and those who have influenced my warrior pilgrimage..

Come Train with the Bear and
you may find the Tiger along the Way

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Okii Kuma Ryu

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