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Last Dragon Martial Art MovieThere are so many great martial arts movies available, that it can become a very daunting and time consuming task trying to decide;

    which ones to buy,
    which ones to rent,
    which ones to pass on,

Together, we will review different martial art films, examining each movie in detail, during this process the Martial Art Hall of Warrior Training will supply you with..

    1. Objective reviews
    2. Movie details and descriptions
    3. The ability to rate reviewed martial arts films
    4. Resources to (rent) and/or (purchase) movies

For this very reason the martial art hall of warrior training has created a section dedicated to simplifying the task of choosing a martial art movie.

Martial art films along with several different forms of martial art demonstrations, have long been the driving force behind my earliest passions to learn, study and train in the warrior martial arts.

"To this day, the martial art film genre serves as an incredible force in keeping my passion for the warrior journey fresh and alive." - Kuma

Warrior Martial Arts Movie Reviews

I am not the only one who is passionate about martial arts films and their stars. Other visitors to the Martial Art Warrior Training Hall have posted their passions as well.

Read the passions of other warriors by clicking Here

I have so many martial movies and martial arts film actors that I enjoy. They have..
  • inspired me
  • entertained me
  • intrigued me
Below is a growing list of martial art films stars along with many of my favorite movies from each of these martial artists and martial actors.
  1. Jet Li Movies: Join us as we examine the movie career of this martial arts legend.

  2. New Martial Arts Movies - News, Reviews and Commentary on the most current martial arts movies

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you may find the Tiger along the Way

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Okii Kuma Ryu

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