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The information below is an exclusive set of martial arts training resources, websites, seminars, schools(Dojo's), information, products, and supplies as related to the martial arts path.

We are constantly looking for martial training resources and information and we are currently compiling a list of training avenues from across the world. These are both online and offline resources, seminars, training classes, and information.

This is and will continue to be more of an exclusive set of websites, seminars, schools(Dojo's), information, products, ect... Most of which are derived from the personal research of The Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner and BBA's associate instructors.

Many of these martial arts training resources have been hand picked, reviewed and researched by The Bear Warrior

"In other words they are martial arts training resouces that I use, frequent and/or enjoyed." - Kuma
We are critical of these sites. They must offer high quality and unique information, training, or products for inclusion.

Turtle Press Martial Arts Books and dvds As one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the martial arts world, Turtle Press has achieved several firsts that have opened the door for those who followed. They publish martial arts training books, videos and DVD's

The Learn Korean Language website teaches the history, philosophy, benefits, and language of Korean taekwondo. Without this knowledge, a true understanding of the art could not be attained..

Tae Kwon Do TutorTaekwondo Tutor exists to educate the world about the martial art of Taekwondo. As with all martial arts, Taekwondo has its good points and its bad points. Taekwondo Tutor will inform you of the good and bad of Taekwondo and will inform you about other martial arts, but it does not condemn other martial arts. It is a repository of Taekwondo information.

Hartman, R. (2000). Taekwondo Tutor. [Online]. Available: [July 20, 2003].

KarateTips is an online karate resource full of free Karate Tips, Articles and Information dedicated to traditional karate!
Click here now to visit for more information.

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For More Martial Arts Resources - Then, Check out this comprehensive directory of martial arts training, related websites, and resources.

The European Medieval Martial Arts AcademyThe Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
This is an excellent example of the diversity of martial arts training. The EMMA is a true fighting art academy, dedicated to resurrecting historical European/Western medieval martial arts. They also offer an extensive medieval martial arts training resource section. I stumbled across this organization in one of my late night training research sessions. If you are looking for some thing off the beaten path, check them out.

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