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Self Defense Schools, Programs
Classes and Courses

'A comparative and informative look'

Have you been looking into different self defense schools in your area? Are you considering enrolling in a self defense class?

Or have you been thinking of signing up for an online self defense program? Are you just not sure what makes a good self course?

Then look no further, you have come to the right place

One of the main goals of Big Bear is to supply the general public with as much knowledge and information as possible, while still offering the seasoned veteran detailed resources to enhance there current training path.

So, what should you look for in
a good self defense School?

Are all self defense schools the same? Of course they not all the same, because people are not the same. But there are several factors that a good self defense school, course, class or program should follow.

Most importantly good self defense schools should have programs that help to empower there students by following self defense strategies such as:

  • Critical thinking in an escalating situation
  • Assertive and effective verbal communication skills
  • Effective and easy to remember self defense techniques
  • Awareness training and safety skills
  • Effective use of various self defense devices, weapons and tools

The length, style and instruction will determine the degree that the above strategies are addressed. But this are the guide lines that you should look for when choosing your next self defense program.

Self Defense Schools will offer different types of class structures. These may be in the form of a...

  • one day self defense seminar
  • bi-weekly self defense class
  • 3 month self defense training course
  • integrated system of fighting
  • martial training art

Make sure you visit a class before beginning your training. Take an introductory course if one is offered. Look for characteristics that fit into your own personality, needs and desires for seeking out a self defense course.

This is only the beginning of this review. Much more will be added, if you would like to be notified of updates, changes and new information as it is added,,,,

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