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Warrior Training Resources

The information below is an exclusive set of warrior training resources, websites, seminars, schools(Dojo's), information, products, and supplies as related to the self defense path.

We are constantly looking for warrior training resources and information and we are currently compiling a list of training avenues from across the world. These are both online and offline resources, seminars, training classes, and information.

This is and will continue to be more of an exclusive set of websites, seminars, schools(Dojo's), information, products, ect... Most of which are derived from the personal research of The Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner and BBA's associate instructors.

Some of these training resources will be to partners, affiliates and sister sites of BBA, and have been hand picked, reviewed and researched by The Bear Warrior.

If you are interested in having your information considered for Warrior Training Resource Directory, then please click here and send us your website, school, or training information.

We are critical of these sites. They must offer high quality and unique information, training, or products for inclusion.

The World Guazabara Federation - Maestro Pérez is a warrior whom is practicing and fullfilling his warrior art. Maestro Pérez has developed a realistic weapons system that can adapt to hostile circumstances. He has is also honoring his Taino Warrior bloodline, as he is a Nitaino-Chief of the Bramaya Tribe and Tequina (teacher) of Taino Tribal Warrior Ways.

Seishinkan sogo budo / bujutsu dojo - Sogo Bujutsu / Budo is not a style of martial art. It is a martial strategy for training called Hyoho or Heiho. This site is an exploration into the training ideals of an ultimate warrior of old, the Samurai.

Women Warriors of Japan - The Role of the Arms-Bearing Women in Japanese History by Ellis Amdur. An excellent and indepth view at women warriors and there effect on modern society.

Kumaz Warrior Gear- is a collection of training equipment, accessories, and instructional material that is designed to enhance all levels of the Warrior Lifestyle. Whether that lifestyle is expressed through sports, the outdoors, or your personal training; Kumaz Warrior Gear has the gear for All Warrior Brothers & Sisters.

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