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Happy 4th of July! From Bear Warrior Martial Art Website
July 03, 2014
Hello again to all my fellow Warrior Brothers and Sisters,

Happy 4th of July! From Bear Warrior Martial Art Website!

Wow, 2014 is half over, how time flies the older you get.. :D.

Bear Warrior Martial Art Training Website would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy 4th of July! On this day of celebration and thanks, we could not be more thankful for each and every one of you — our loyal friends, students, customers and website users!

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend! Be Safe and thank those whom have serve and do serve to keep us Free!

I want to extend my warmest wishes to all during this festive holiday season. May all your training dreams and wishes come true!

Have a great holiday weekend!


The Bear Warrior Martial Art E-zine promises to deliver news and information related to the warrior martial arts training world. You can count on receiving your hot from the cyber-presses, exclusive edition of the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training Newsletter periodically throughout the year.

It will be packed with exciting information, updates and training tips to enhance your warrior martial arts training journey and has been designed to be your up-to-date "warrior martial arts power supplement" helping you get the most out of your Warrior Training and the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website(s).

News and Updates:

In past issues of the warrior martial arts newsletters, we have almost always reported: "The Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website gets updated, but once again!"

This year has been no different, we have added content to exiting pages and are currently revamping a few old favorites. Our redesign goals of making the website more functional and interactive are really taking shape.

Don't forget about our search page. This page will allow you to search Big Bear Academy Martial Art Warrior Training website to find exactly what you are looking for, check it out..

Bear Warrior Martial Art Training WebSite Search

As mentioned above is becoming more interactive, allowing you to help shape the web site into a Warrior Martial Arts Training Community.

You can begin to see signs of this interactivity with the addition of the following pages:

Martial Art Schools

Mixed Martial Arts News and Highlights Page

Listing of Local Amateur MMA Events

Martial Arts Seminars

A few E-zines ago, I wrote this..

"..there are some great thing on the horizon that will begin to reveal themselves over the course of the next quarter."

This statement was meant to be a peek into my vision for the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training web site(s).

While it has taken much longer to implement than I had planed, it is finally beginning to unfold and take shape.

Over the remaining half of 2014 the website(s) will continue to become more interactive, offering more training information and aides for you.

Bear Warrior Martial Art Store:

In the course of moving forward with my vision I have created a new Martial Art Store for all the visitors to

Warrior Martial Art Store

The Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website offers a full array of self defense products via are self defense catalog. Visit..

TKW Self Defense Catalog

4th of July Weekend Sale!

In celebration of Independence Day here in the United States, we are having a weekend sale! Save 10% on everything in the store until Midnight Sunday, July 6th, 2014.

Use Coupon Code: 4th

Here is a link to a video I made for this event..

Martial Art Store 4th of July Weekend Sale!

Ok, one more important point of news.

If you haven't visited the website over the past year you may not have noticed that we now have several ways for you to stay up-to-date on what's happening at the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website.

First, I have implemented RSS Feeds for Big Bear If you aren't quite sure what an RSS feed is you can learn more about RSS here:

RSS Help page

In the left column of any page on, you will find a white box with all the info on how to add these neat little news feeds from the Martial Art Warrior Training web site. Keeping you up to the minute on what's new!

Second I have added a..

Warrior Martial Arts Web site. Blog page

It's not a typical blog in that you can respond. But more a one way update of what's new. I will also add information I find that will benefit your warrior training journey.

Third we now have a twitter feed..

And Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website now has it's own facebook page you can like us and follow here.

Bear Warrior Martial Art Training Facebook Fan Page

The Bear Warrior Martial Art Store also has it's own facebook page you can like us and follow our new products and product reviews.

Bear Warrior Martial Art Store Facebook Fan Page

I have also started a facebook page dedicated to self defense..

TKW Self Defense Training System Facebook Fan Page

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By viewing, reading and/or using the information provided in this newsletter you agree to the conditions set forth by the BWI and the web site(s).

If you have not done so please review

Please check with your doctor before beginning or attempting any of our exercise programs or training tips.

Again, drop a line and let me know your thought, ideas, and/or concerns. Contact Info:

    While some of the partners and affiliates above generate revenue, It in no way has influenced our decision making. We greatly appreciate you supporting us by shopping at those whom we have choosen to be affiliated with.

    Remember our Moto:

    "Warrior Training Takes Dedication, Motivation and a Willingness to Deny ones-self"

Your Training Partner, The Bear Warrior Trent 'Kuma' Warner

P.S. I am currently turning my passion and knowledge into the Martial Art Hall of Warrior Training web site and newsletter.

It could not have been possible without the incredible power of the SBI!software and hosting package.

Everyone has a passion and SBI has helped me discover how to turn my passion into a business. Let Site Build It! help you discover how to turn your knowledge into revenue.

Big Bear Academy continues to stay in the top of internet web sites thanks to the great tools provided by..SBI!'s software.

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