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Bear Warriors Training E-zine, Issue #001 -- Featured Training Tip to help flexibilty
September 10, 2004

Hello to all my fellow Warrior Brothers and Sisters,

It is finally here, Big Bear Academy's first official quarterly Warrior Training Newsletter. Although, this may be the first, it will certainly not the last.

MISSION: Big Bear Academy's Warrior Training Newsletter promises to deliver news and information related to the warrior martial arts training world. You can now count on receiving your hot from the cyber-presses, edition of BBA’s Warrior Training Newsletter, every quarter.

It will be packed with exciting information, updates and training tips designed to enhance your warrior martial arts training. It's designed to be your up-to-date "warrior power supplement" that will help you get the most out of your Warrior Training and the Big Bear Academy training web site.

News and Updates: gets updated! We have been adding content to exiting pages for sometime, but it has only been in this past quarter that we have added entire pages and revamped the site structure. Check this new pages out.

The Martial Arts section has had an overhaul. Lots of new information about the history and structure of the martial arts world. There is a new page in this section as well.

We have added a new section that will explore the martial weapon arts.

It even has 2 pages itself. And finally, we have added a new section that will explore different grappling martial arts.

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    Training Tip: Have you ever wanted to increase your flexibility? Well, here is a snip-it from an upcoming flexibility page I am working on. I have used this technique over the years to help keep me flexible.

    The only thing you need is a small table, (a coffee table works great) and a little room on the floor. I do this while I am watching a movie or review my class and/or training videos.

    Here is what you do:

    1. Sit in front of the table with your legs comfortable spread apart, placing the feet of the table at your ankles or inside your calves.

      REMEMBER: Don't begin the stretch yet, you should be in a very comfortable position.

    2. Next, grab the table top and gently (I mean gently otherwise you may injure yourself) pull the table towards you, spreading your legs apart as you go.

      When you reach a point that is just beyond comfort, STOP! and hold for about 30 seconds to a few minutes. (Depending on your comfort level). Do Not Try and go over board a little goes a long way.

    3. Remember to breathe all the way through the stretch, your breathing should be deep long controlled. As you push the table away from you, Do Not take you legs from the stretched position right away.

    4. Instead, move them together slowly, this will help keep you from developing a charlie horse or pulling a muscle.

    Ok, there you have it. A simple little training tip that if done every day, or even a few times a week, will greatly increase your flexibility, increase your kicking power, improve your speed and enhance your stamina. Hope you are able to put this warrior training tip to good use.

    I would really enjoy hearing what you think of this tip and how you are implementing it. So, drop a line, and let me know your thought, ideas, and/or concerns.

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    Partners, Friends, and Affiliates: Big Bear Academy has added several partners, friends and affiliates this quarter as well. These are companies, websites, and/or stores that we use, to buy our training gear, books, products, ect. Or they may simply be website that offer great content and will help to enhance your warrior training.

    So, I will included them in the newsletter as we add them to the site. Occasionally we may spotlight one that has a fantastic deal or has impressed us in some way. Without further a-do here are a few partners we have added:

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    Paul is a fellow martial artist, who has his own website Make Your Martial Arts Grow, I recently met Paul through the internet, and we have since traded web links. Visit his site, and add a little diversity to your warrior martial arts training.

    Hope you have enjoyed this issue, until our next training newsletter, Remember to keep up your training. I will leave you with some warrior wisdom to help keep you on the warrior training path

    "Warrior Training takes dedication, motivation, and a willingness to deny ones-self."

    Your Training Partner,
    The Bear Warrior
    Trent 'Kuma' Warner

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