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Trent Kuma Warner Founder of BigBearAcademy.comTrent Kuma Warner

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Trent Kuma Warner currently I am the active President of the Atarashii Budo Shu Kai and a member of the Tamanegi Do Martial Arts Association.

In 1994, during my time with the Tamanegi Do Martial Arts System, I was recognized as the Shorie of Okii Kuma Ryu. You can learn more about my warrior training background here.

I created the Okii Kuma Ryu Martial Arts Training website out of a dedication to the improvement and enhancement of the warrior training lifestyle and it's related warrior training paths. 

Martial Art Warrior Training Hall

These personal training paths consist of;

  • Weapons Training
  • Bear Warrior Training
  • Self Defense Training
  • Close Combat Training
  • Warrior Martial Art Training
  • Warrior Martial Arts Fitness Training

At the beginning of 2010, I started doing business as Bear Warrior international. This business is the legal structure behind:

Today we live in very complex and
sometimes dangerous world

As this world we live in becomes more and more dangerous each year, the need for quality Warrior Street Combat Self Defense Training and the Martial Training Arts grows. 

Because of this growing need, and my desire to help people, I have created an online resource center dedicated to teaching from a seminar style setting. 

This allows people of all levels, to benefit from the knowledge, information and resources presented. 

Whether you are new to the warrior arts , warrior health and fitness, self defense or the martial arts, or you are a seasoned veteran, there is something that will benefit and enhance your physical training, your personal safety and your quality of life. 

I have spent many long hours researching the net for warrior training material that would supplement my own personal training. While, I did find many gems and some very interesting and unique avenues. I mostly had to sort through allot of milk to get the meat. 

In your search for learning more about Okii Kuma Ryu you will discover that it is a combination of my personal warrior training background mixed with other warrior resources from my decades of training with TDMAS.

I recognize the complexity and danger of the world we all live in and as such Okii Kuma Ryu Tamanegi no Budo offers solutions to address these complexities and dangers by specializing in the following:

  • Warrior Martial Arts Online Training 
  • Warrior Street Combat Self Defense Training System
  • Personal Protection Training
  • Personal Security and Self Defense Product Training
  • Customized Martial Seminars
  • Warrior Fitness Training Programs
  • A Message From
    Bear Warrior - Trent 'Kuma' Warner

    I have spent many years studying different styles, techniques, and concepts. During which I have come to only one conclusion; there is no right or wrong way of defense. 

    You can go to a hundred different schools in the world, and find thousands of theories and techniques. All of which are very effective in there own rite. 

    I am not going to tell you that what we teach or write is some new, incredible, un-stoppable way. It is however, the columniation of over 40 years of experience, experimentation, sweat and hard training. 

    I have selected techniques that I feel are the most effective for

    Some I have modified in order to have a faster reaction time in a confrontation or to aide in strengthening your technique and/or delivery.

    But the meat of this martial art training and information website is dedicated to the concepts of how the techniques and principles work. You can put your own favorite technique, stance, and/or style in place of mine. 

    As you discover more about Big Bear Academy .com You will find several training principles and techniques for enhancing your own personal martial art style or warrior training lifestyle. 

    The Bear Warrior Martial Art Training community is constantly looking for training information, articles and resources related to the warrior street combat self defense, health fitness and the martial art training lifestyle. 

    We are currently compiling a list of training avenues and information from across the internet, country and world. Click the link below to have your information added or to have a personal warrior training resources added. 

    If you submit an article we will place a link at the end with your credentials.

    Become a Guest Warrior Instructor and promote your site at the same time 

    What's that you say? You have the knowledge, but don't know how to bring it to life. I know exactly how you feel. I too, thought I could never pull the training, experiences, lifestyle, or instruction out of my head. 

    That is until I found one of the best all-in-one site-building, site-hosting,and site-marketing products Site Build It! 

     makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitablebusiness. Now I am in the process of producing my own warrior martial arts training website that is producing real results.

    Don't Take my word for it, check it out for yourself! 

    "Knowledge is Power"
    and yours just might be worth something.

    SBI! Questions

    "The most important part of training is to find something that fits within your personality. This way you will stick with it. Only through long and rigorous training can you improve your training path." - 

    The Bear Warrior, 

    Trent 'Kuma' Warner 

    Please Bookmark this page and check back often to learn more About BWI.

    So with that said, BWI is not going to reinvent the wheel

    But here are a few areas that do set us apart and that will help you learn more about Bear Warrior International and what the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website has to offer you!

    Discover the Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner

    Learn more about who he is, what he has done and why he has created Big Bear Academy. You will also discover Okii Kuma Ryu, which is a martial training style that combines the traditions of the arts with the realities of life.

    Warrior Code of the Tiger and the Bear
    Warrior Code is an important part of the warrior training arts. It is what defines a specific group, organization, or clan of warriors.

    Tamanegi Do Martial Arts Association
    Okii Kuma Ryu, which is a part of the Big Bear Academy's Training Curriculum, is a proud participating member of theTamanegi Do Martial Arts Association. It adheres to the principles set forth by this Martial Arts Association. 

    The Atarashii Budo Shu Kai

    The ABSK is a Warrior Martial Art Association for warriors by warriors dedicated to the warrior lifestyle. Trent Kuma Warner is currently the active president of the Atarashii Budo Shu Kai.

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