Trent Kuma Warner..
Bear Warrior

"As you advance in your Musha-Shugyo (Warrior Pilgrimage), allow yourself to transcend the concepts and principles of warrior training, instead focus on the warrior journey and the lessons embodied in that journey." -- Kuma

This is a quote from my Bear Bushido Training Manual. I am often asked via email and in person for details about my warrior training and martial arts background. I have been asked such questions as;

Let me begin by formally introducing myself. My given name is Trent Warner, but many of my friends and associates call me kuma, which is actually a nickname.


Kuma is Japanese for Bear. This nickname was given to me by a very good friend of mine, Michael J. Ceballos.

I was exploring and studying various forms of warrior training with him at the time. I once asked Kaicho Ceballos, why he chose this nickname for me. 

His response? - "My physical presence, gentle demeanor in rest, aggressive power in attack and my fascination with the bear." 

Throughout my life I've had several variations of the word bear as a nickname. Ever since I was a very young boy, I have had a fascination and admiration of bears. Some may say the Bear is my animal warrior spirit. It is actually a very good way to understand my personality and demeanor.

When I began to use the internet back in the mid to late 1990's. I often used 'kumason", "kuma-san" and sometimes 'kuma' as my profile nickname on many forums, bulletin boards and such.

In later years I switched and began using the profile name of 'bear warrior'. It was much easier than always explaining what kuma meant. To this day, I often use a signature that reads like this;

The Bear Warrior
Trent 'kuma' Warner

I wanted to explain this here to give all an understanding into the what, why and what-for of my use of names that include and/or mean "bear". 

Since much of the warrior training presented in this website was honed and forged through hard training, intense research and trials of combat. The remaining information presented below is to give you insight into my Warrior Journey thus far..

Bear Warrior Begins Journey

My warrior journey began at birth. I was born on a US Air Force base in Utah. So from the beginning of life, I have had a sense of honor and discipline.

My passion for the warrior journey really began to blossom in mid 1970's and along the way I have come in contact with various warrior arts and martial fighting styles. 

As a young boy I was an avid comic book reader, as were many young boys of this era, but I also enjoyed camping in the woods, tracking, hunting, scouting and fishing.

I can remember watching a martial arts demo, when I was around 7, at a local college with my Dad. I cannot be absolutely certain of the style, but I was impressed and wanted to learn how to do that!

But my parents struggled to keep our house hold together, so there was no money for this sort of extra activity. Destiny had me covered though. My parents would, from time to time, take in missionaries giving them a place to stay between assignments. 

One such missionary was also a practitioner of the martial arts and during his stay he began to train me. I was hooked for life, my passion for warrior martial arts training was birthed. 

Over the next years of my life I trained with several different warriors and in many different arts. This was due, in part, to the fact that we moved around.

In order to pay for my warrior training, I would often do odd jobs. This not only helped to form my work and training ethic, it also help to birth my entrepreneurial spirit, starting me on the path of a business warrior.

When I was around 11 or 12, we moved to Broken Arrow, OK. I developed a friendship with a native american from a close by community and as a result, I was introduced to many aspects of their warrior culture and warrior traditions. It was an experience that would greatly shape my future warrior journey and passions. 

When I was in 9th grade my family again moved to Naples Florida. My Grandparents had retired there and had several rental properties. During the first part of the 80's, Naples was a small, but growing, coastal community. 

The house we lived in had several miles of dense woods directly behind it. During this time in my life, I was able to develop and honed many of my survival skills and embarked on my warrior fitness training journey. 

Through out High school and into college, I continued my pursuit of different self defense concepts, warrior arts, martial art styles and warrior fitness training. 

It was during the 1980's that I gained my passion for martial arts movies. I loved the Saturday afternoon kung fu theater, watching re-runs of the kung-fu series and watching martial arts movies at the cinema or on VHS. 

In summary, my warrior journey began at birth and continues on to this day. A few years back I wrote an article explaining my thoughts on 'What it is to be a Warrior'.

As my Warrior journey evolves so will Okii Kuma Ryu and my this martial training website. Thank you for sharing this journey with me! - Kuma

(Kuma Goshin Jitsu)
The forming of Bear Warrior Street Combat Self Defense Concepts

Growing up we often moved around and always being the new kid in school wasn't easy. It would often lend the bullies of the school to use you to make a point.

So, I quickly had to learn how to defend myself without drawing to much undo attention. Thus my street combat self defense training path began to take shape. 

In the late 1980's, I attended Tech School in Tampa, Florida earning an AS Degree in Computer/Electronic Engineering of Technology.

I currently work as a certified Technical Sales and Service Manager. This technical background has allowed me to effectively evaluate and test current and future self defense technologies.

After college I moved back to Naples Florida and spent several years training with my warrior brother Iron Tiger.

We later meet up again in Orlando, Florida, during this time we formed the warrior street combat self defense forging its beginning concepts and tactics.

This co-creation was birthed from intense warrior street combat training and through the evaluation of effective personal combat self defense tactics.

The interactions of these two warrior brothers laid the foundation for the Warrior Code of Tiger and Bear

Warrior Street Combat Self Defense Society, Created in the Spirit of these fused concepts

It's was a warrior society dedicated to the discussion of warrior street combat self defense tactics, concepts and skills needed for a warrior to survive in today's world. 

While this society has lay dormant for the past several years, there is plans to re-establish it's purpose. Join our training newsletter to keep up to date on thing like this!

Forming Kuma Goshin-Jitsu and honing Self Defense Tactics and Skills

In the 1990's, I experienced and trained in Goshin-Jitsu and was involved in the personal security industry.

My personal security self defense training concepts are drawn from these experiences, in which I served;

  • As a security officer
  • On an executive protection detail
  • As Head of Security
  • An adviser to military training personnel

Over the years I have had the opportunity to train several women in Self Defense and personal protection.

A subject that has is very close to my heart as such I have spent great amounts of time evaluating, examining and training with various self defense weapons. 

Given that female self defense students have either been attacked or feared attack, it has been very important for me to develop and evaluate programs that fit each women's personal situation. 

Training, education and experience have helped to provide me an understanding and insight to the most important aspects and needs of any given self defense program.

Bear Warrior Martial Arts
Training Background

For over 40 years, I've studied, investigated and experienced various forms of warrior training, throughout these years, I have attended and trained in several different.. 

  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Self Defense Styles
  • Street Combat Systems
  • Warrior Fitness Programs
  • Warrior Arts

Over the years, I have developed a fascination with various weapon training arts and have come to enjoy it almost as much as my hand to hand combat training. As such, I have explored and investigated a host of martial arts weapon disciplines.

During down times, when I had no formal training, I would evaluate, examine, modify and test the various techniques I experienced in these differing fighting styles.

In the late 1980's, I studied Tae Kwon Do at Yun Ho Martial Arts Academy, then in the early 1990's trained in Wado Ryu under Sensei Jack Morris.

During this time, I also trained in western boxing and investigate new forms of my warrior strength training concepts. 

Little did I realize that my diverse warrior journey was laying the foundation of an Eclectic Hybrid Mixture of my personal Martial Arts, warrior and fitness training.

It was my time spent training with Kaicho Michael J. Ceballos of the Tamanegi Do Martial Arts System that help me build upon this foundation and form Okii Kuma Ryu

During the mid 1990's, while investigating the concepts of Tamanegi Budo, I became a member of the Tamanegi Do Martial Arts Association and assisted Kaicho Ceballos in teaching his Karate Clubs and YMCA classes. During my time with Kaicho Ceballos, I served as a;

  1. Referee and coach for AAU Karate Tournaments 
  2. Was one of the principle referees in the 1st annual Inner City Games hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Orlando, FL

In 1994, the Tamangi Do Martial Arts Association officially recognized me as the Shorei of Okii Kuma Ryu and issued me the Title of Okuden.

During my time studying and training with Hanshi Ceballos, I was able to train and earn rank in many of the following styles;

  • Bojustu
  • Jojustu
  • Hojustu
  • kyujustu
  • Kobujutsu
  • Ashigari
  • Suiejutsu
  • Shinja Ryu
  • Goshin-jitsu
  • Okii Kuma Ryu
  • Escrima Ceballos Style

In the late 1990's, my Dad forward me a book "This is Aikido" by Koichi Tohei. This was formerly my grandfathers book, it is the large hardcover addition (12 by 8 ½ inches) and is illustrated with around 1,000 photos and drawings. 

Not only is this book a rare find, it contained notes from my late Grandfather Ernest "Red" Warner. Every time I read and studied through this book, I can feel his warrior spirit right there with me. 

In 1998 the concept of this website began to develop, a natural extension of Okii Kuma Ryu, it has blossomed into the web presence you see today.

In 1999, I was appointed the President of the Atarashii Budo Shu Kai, which is a not for profit organization for Military martial artist and their dependents. I proudly still hold this position today.

In 2000, TDMAA honored me with the Title appointment of Tashi of the Shinja Ryu. In recognition of the hard work and dedication to the development of Okii Kuma Ryu, Kaicho Ceballos awarded me 'Renshi of Okii Kuma Ryu

In 2004 I attended a pressure point seminar in the Chicago area which re-ignited my passion for applying this type of training to my warrior journey.

You can learn more about how my warrior martial arts pressure point training journey by reading "Pressure Point Training - How I got Started" 

Over the years, I have been re-introduced to and trained in both Modern Arnis via Master of Tapi-Tapi Ken Smith and Walley Jay's Small-Circle JuJitsu through Master Will Higginbotham 

In December of 2006, Hanshi Ceballos came to my home for a week long live in evaluation, observing my teaching, warrior training and family interactions.

I submitted the remaining testing requirements for rank progression and was awarded the rank of Rokudan in Okii Kuma Ryu.

Becoming a Business Warrior and Starting this Website..

OK, by now you have some what of an idea of my warrior training journey and the passion I have for each of my warrior training paths.

I am often asked how am I managing to create this website while working a full time job and running a warrior business (teaching, training, etc.). 

The answer is simply SBI- Solo Build It. SBI is helping me turn my warrior passions into a viable and reliable small business.

SBI provides me with the tools, knowledge, expertise and training needed to create, maintain and grow a successful warrior business. 

While, I do receive a small commission if you join SBI through links on this website, it does not impede the fact that SBI is an excellent product and has greatly impacted my life. 

I was recently asked "What does SBI mean to you in these uncertain economic times?" It means the same thing it meant to me when I first purchased it back in 2004.. FREEDOM. Here is my answer to this some what loaded question.. 

    Solo Build It offers me the quintessential and fundamental ability to create and forge my own destiny, outside of what the Government's of the world do. It allows me to do it at my pace, Without Prejudice and Without any loss or waiver of rights or privileges.

    How does SBI equate with FREEDOM? SBI takes away the constraints of this small business warrior, allowing me to compete on the global market place, to create a place where I can share my passions, while helping others fulfill their warrior training journey.

    SBI gives me a feeling of certainty in these otherwise uncertain times, not that I am guaranteed success, just that I am guaranteed the tools, support and guidance to gain success.

It has been a long road, but even in these uncertain times SBI helps guide me to the freedom and security I seek. Solo Build It can help you, just as it has me and many others.

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself..and if you have any questions, ask an experienced SBI adviser

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