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by Sam Bocetta

1911 Great Hand Gun 4 Self Defense

1911 Great Hand Gun 4 Self Defense

There are a few simple things that make a handgun a good choice for self-defense. When looking to buy a gun for this purpose, you should always prioritize stopping power, of course, although the amount of power you are able to carry is also always limited by other factors.

The primary factor is the level of concealment you need from your pistol. While carrying a huge, powerful gun is a great insurance policy in dangerous situations, carrying a bulky weapon all day everyday can get pretty uncomfortable.

Another factor to consider is reliability. If you carry your pistol primarily for self-defense, and don’t take it to the range very often, you need to be certain that your pistol will fire every time you want it to, and even if it hasn’t been used for a few months.

For this reason, it’s always best to go for a simple pistol that has been tried and tested in the field. Simpler designs generally have a lower rate of failure, if only because the simpler the design the fewer things there are to go wrong.

In addition, looking after a basic pistol, and keeping it in working order, is a lot easier than maintaining an exotic, high-tech gun.

Our Choice: The 1911

All of these considerations lead to a pretty simple conclusion – that 1911 pistol variants are some of the best pistols for self-defense out there at the moment. Originally designed way back in 1906, these pistols still represent the pinnacle of simple, robust, reliable gun design.

There are several other reasons why 1911 pistols are some of the best weapons for self-defense. Their classic shape means that almost anyone will be comfortable shooting one with even a little bit of practice, and using one regularly can really improve your draw and shooting technique.

Add to this the fact that the gun develops relatively little recoil – the relatively large slide and handle help to damp these forces – and you have a gun that is suitable for everyone, including for women.

And don’t think, just because the basic design of the 1911 has stayed the same for more than a century, that it is a basic handgun. Most major gun manufacturers produce a variant of the 1911, and each company has added its own features and signature design.

This means that while any 1911 pistol retains the reliability that the series is so famed for, some
of these weapons also incorporate the latest in high-tech features.

And last, but of course not least, is the price. With so much competition in the market for 1911s, prices are relatively low for such a great gun.

You can pick up some really great 1911s for relatively little money, and the range available means that most people will be able to find a 1911 that suits them perfectly.

Ultimately, the best gun for self-defense is the one you have on you, and the one that you have the most experience shooting. However, if you are looking to get your first pistol for self-defense, you can do a lot worse than looking at the range of 1911s available.

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