Century Martial Arts Supplier and Leader

Century Martial Arts Supplier to the world. This company is one of the World's Largest Martial Arts Suppliers and while there are many different martial arts suppliers to chose from these days, none is more recognized or well known than Century. 

And this martial arts supplier was created the same way many of America's successful companies have been, in a garage.

It is the commitment of the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website to not only present you with high quality martial arts information, but also to present you with high quality martial arts resources. 

I have been purchasing and using Century products for the past 40+ years of martial arts and fitness training. So, I found it only natural to spotlight the world's largest martial arts supplier as the first of many to be reviewed and explored here at Big Bear Academy.com.

Century not only supplies martial arts products directly to the consumer, but also indirectly through many martial arts schools and other martial arts supply companies.

Century's Martial Arts Supplier History

Some 30 years ago, in 1976, Century Martial Arts Supply started making martial art uniforms 'that were designed to fit the average American'. Today Century is recognized as the largest martial arts supplier in the world and has become a leader in 'total fitness' products.

centurymartialarts.com - is Century Supplies online catalog which offer over 2,500 martial arts products; including martial arts uniforms and apparel, punching bags, training gear, sparring equipment, martial arts DVD's, books, and much more. 

Century martial arts supply, now Century Incorporated, has long since moved out of the founder Michael Dillard's garage and now operates as Century Incorporated. 

Century, Inc now has a 250,000 square foot facility that contains a manufacturing plant, over 500,000 square feet of state of the art distribution capacity, a 50 person Call Center and its corporate headquarters.

Founder of Century Martial Arts Supply Company - Michael Dillard

Century, Inc remains a privately held company that continues to consistently grow at a double digit pace. It is still headed by founder and now CEO Michael Dillard (left) In the lasted addition of the Century Martial Arts Supply catalog Mr. Dillard addresses us, his customers, with a short letter.

This letter reveals the commitment, humility and integrity that has made Century a martial arts supply leader and innovator. These values are an important part of Century Incorporated's philosophy.

Here is an excerpt from that letter..

"At our core is a belief that martial arts have the potential to profoundly change lives, As a sixth degree black belt who has been teaching classes since 1969, I have seen this change in thousands of students who discover not only the physical benefits of the arts but more importantly the intangible gifts of respect, confidence, integrity, and honor. These are also the principles that Century is built upon."

One of the most important quality of any good martial arts supplier is a commitment to the customer. Especially when dealing with customer through the mail and/or on the internet. Centuries commitment to the customer is evident from a this statement at their martial arts supply website..

"To our thousands of loyal customers we want you to know we very much appreciate your business and will strive to continue to earn it with great products and great customer service for years to come."

Century Martial Art Supply even has a Retail Factory Store Outlet. The Century Martial Art Supply Retail and Factory store is located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. 

There 2000 square foot retail store features their entire selection of Martial Art, Boxing, Fitness and style specific supplies. The Century Martial Art retail store also carries factory seconds at prices up to 85% off our regular published price.

Original Century Martial Arts Products

Many Century products are used in training gyms, dojos, and in the homes of boxing, fitness and martial arts enthusiasts world wide. Although they originally began with martial arts uniforms they have fast become innovators of different fitness, boxing and martial arts equipment.

One such product is the Wavemaster® by Century freestanding training bag. It was first introduced in 1995 and has since revolutionized the training bag industry. 

Century products have since expanded into more than 15 companion martial art and fitness products with the release of the XXL Wavemaster® this year Century products are posed to remain in the forefront of martial arts product development.

Century martial arts supply company also help to push the B.O.B. (Body Opponent Bag) to the forefront of the martial arts industry over the past decade. 

And in 2006, Century Incorporated continues to deliver new products and services to the martial arts industry while expanding into markets such as boxing and fitness. 

They have recently released an XMA - Extreme Martial Arts line. As well as, carring specialty product such as the Century Exclusive Training Glove

2006 is a special year for Century, they are celebrating their 30th year anniversary. And as such they are having an Anniversary Sale at all their martial arts and fitness websites.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey into the history, products and ideals of this martial arts supply leader. Although the are a leader in the martial arts supply industry Century martial supply is not the only martial arts supply company. 

So, as always we will continue to investigate and explore other martial arts suppliers from around the world. 

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