Choosing a Martial Art

Choosing a martial arts style that best suits your needs, is close to where you live or work, that doesn't cost a small fortune can be a very frustrating and time consuming endeavor. Thus the creation of this page. 

I am often asked..

  • How do I go about choosing a martial arts style?
  • Is one martial art style better than another?
  • What is a fair price to pay for instruction?
  • Should I sign a contract and commit to one style?
  • Are mixed martial art styles better?
  • Can I really protect myself with what I learn?

In order to answer these questions and ultimately help you in choosing a martial art style that is best for you, we must first evaluate what you expect to accomplish with this training and uncover which martial art style fulfills those goals and desires.

The first thing I would recommend you do is get out a pen and paper or bring up you favorite word processor and begin listing the reasons you wish to begin a new martial art. 

Start by placing a heading on the page something like 'Choosing a Martial Arts Style' or 'Reasons for studying a Martial Art'. 

The purpose of this exercise is to help you discover what are you looking to achieve by studying a martial art? Is it..

  1. A better fitness level?
  2. To develop more discipline in your life?
  3. For self defense?
  4. To begin a new sport and win competitions?
  5. To increase your confidence?
  6. To improve your coordination?
  7. To improve your health?
  8. To loose weight?
  9. To help you relax and reduce stress?
  10. Simply to become a warrior martial artist?

The knowledge of knowing what you want to achieve while studying a martial art style will make all the difference in helping you achieving your goal of choosing a martial art style that best suits you.

This list and the answers you provide can also serve as a great motivator long after you have made your choice. By having the ability to review why you wanted to train in this warrior path, you will have a better chance of seeing it through.

How do I go about choosing a martial art style?

Another very important part of choosing a martial art style is location, or as they say in real estate location, location, location. There is no reason to consider choosing a particular style if there isn't a school or place to train in your area.

It is extremely important to find a place to train that is either close to your home or work, or at least on the way to your work. Why? well, it is a lot easy to stick with your training if you don't have to drive to far out of your way.

There are several sources you can investigate while choosing a martial art style in your local area. Of course one place to start is your local telephone book or directory.

You can always take your investigation online and search the internet. It can be a resource. Especially with the recent release of several larger search engine offering local searches.

Here are a few you can use:

With the exception of living on a deserted island you shouldn't have trouble finding several martial art style choices.

There are several additional places you should investigate while choosing a martial arts style that best suits you.

Here are a few:

  1. Community Colleges
  2. health clubs
  3. adult education centers
  4. your local church may even offer a class

Any of these location can provide you with an excellent introduction to different martial arts styles at an affordable price, and many times they serve as satellite locations for the instructor’s main martial art school. 

One of the most difficult task will be locating a martial art training school that doesn't advertise. They most likely will not have a sign, nor a dedicated building and many of these gems often do not participate in local and or regional martial arts events.

These martial art styles are often the very traditional or very street orientated. Either way these gems are often only discovered by word of mouth and/or invitation. So, make sure you inquire with anyone you know who studies in the arts.

I am a good example of this. I have had a school in the past, but currently I do not. I train out of my personal home training dojo, occasionally at my students homes and at several school locations throughout my area.

For my personal students, I only take a few at a time. And they go through a small screening process to make sure they are dedicated to the training.

Teaching at other established schools in the area, allows me to help the school owner grow and they can offer there students something different.

The positive side is that my students get a very intimate and personal experience. So make sure that if you have the time you search out these possible locations as well.

Is one martial art style
better than another?

After you have examined all the factors we discussed above, you have to begin to consider the martial arts styles and schools themselves. It is best to keep them with in the boundaries of your own desires and goals.

One excellent way to help you in choosing a martial arts style that best meets your personal needs is to try a free classes or free lessons. Make sure you speak with other students and/or their parents about the martial art style/school your are considering. 

It is very important to educate yourself about the martial art styles that you are considering. There are many sources that can help you in this endeavor.

There is a wide variety of books and magazines on the subject, and hundreds of thousands of martial art web sites dedicated to different styles providing the history and philosophy and some may even give you some local recommendations.

Now to answer the question above is one martial art better than another? 

Yes and No, I know this is not the answer you where hoping for, but the answer doesn't depend on the style as much as it does on other factors. What works for you may not for some else.

If you are further along in life and less flexible than you use to be, a martial art style that focuses on kicking may not be a good choice for you. 

If you are young eager and don't like to stand around moving slow and methodical, then studying a softer martial art style will most likely not be for your. If you are interested in learning a weapon training art you will have to consider if a particular art teaches weapons or not?

In order for you to discover which martial arts style is better you will have to determine why you want to study the martial arts in the first place. 

Understanding why you want to begin a martial arts training journey will make a huge difference in your drive and motivation while choosing a martial arts style.

Are you looking for a tool to help you in choosing the right martial art for you?

Great, then check out this Free Choose It! tool that I have recently come across. You can even use some of the questions below to help you get the full benefits of this free tool. I am an affiliate of products that this company offers, but this is a free tool for you to use

Here are a few other things to consider when choosing a martial art style and determining it's worth:

  • Are all the students newbies like you?
  • Are there seasoned or senior students?
  • Is the Instructor(s) qualified?
  • Who actually teaches the class?
  • Is the martial art school clean?
  • Does the school belong to a national organization?
  • Or is it an independent smaller school?

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