Cssd Modular Blade Concepts training & Instructor camp

by Bram
(Metro Dade, Florida)

CSSD Modular Blade Concepts Training Camp

CSSD Modular Blade Concepts Training Camp

Common Sense Self Defense /Street Combat training camp is Feb 10-13 2011. Come train directly with Director /Founder of CSSD/SC Modular Blade Concepts Bram Frank and his protege Ms Sonia Waring.

The CSSD training & Instructor camp is to allow people to begin their training in CSSD/SC Modular Blade concepts training methodology and /or become Instructors ( basic) in the methodology or to advance their current Instructor status.

You can pick any one day or combination of days to train or train all 4 days: To be certified as any level of Instructor one needs to attend all four days. Attendence is NOT a guarantee of Instructor certification.

No experience is necessary but an open mind is!

This is the train the trainer program Bram teaches to LE, Military, OGA, Security and Anti Terror units

Course work:

* Bram Speak: learn the terminology of CSSD
Use of an open tactical folder /or tactical fixed blade

* learn the training Modules based on Biomechanical action:
1-4-12 from Open low line position ,
1-2-2 from High line position
2-3-12 from closed low line position.

* learn the 4 perspectives while using the three modules and 5 entries
Standard: Right to Right
Backwards:Left to Right
Mirror: Left to Left
Backward Backwards: Right to Left

* Learn the 4 grips:
Equal Forward: both in forward grip
Unequal forward /reverse: one in forward one in reverse
Unequal reverse /forward:one in reverse one in forward
Equal reverse: both in reverse

* the 5 entries from a split entry: with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Horizontal /vertical: check ( pak) & hit
Horizontal/vertical: grab(Lop) & hit
Horizontal /vertical: elbow roll ( Bong)& hit
Horizontal /vertical: travel hand ( Joa) & hit
Horizontal/vertical:follow & hit
Finger take down with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Finger locks with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Trapping with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Non lethal response and control with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Kinetic opening and closing within use with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool
Dexterity drills with CRMIPT /LLC Gunting tool

Training camp is at the Hialeah PD training center from 0900 to 1600(4PM) each day.

NOW ONLY $135 each day or $500 for all 4 days
Regular price $1995 per person: NOW ONLY $500

Paypal sonia@waringindustries.com or arnisman@aol.com

Ryan Waring: 954-611-1975
Sonia Waring: 305-608-1953

***Register online www.cssdsc.com and use the shopping cart training knife sets available:

4 day attendees get set of delran trainers

***special pricing for groups: 3 full pay 4th comes free.

Hialeah Police Department: Training center
5555 East 8th Ave
Hialeah, Florida 33010

The training center is located behind the main police station. It is off Lejune Rd just north of NW 103 St. You can take 95 to NW 103 St; go west until you reach Lejune Rd (NW 42 Ave/E 8 Ave).

Go north until the traffic light at 55 St; turn into the compound.

Go left and ignore the restricted access signs and drive to the rear of the main (three story) building where you will see our patrol unit parking lot and training facility.

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