Dim Mak Death Touch

The interest, curiosity and fascination with Dim Mak death touch training and information has exploded since the discovery of several ancient Chinese manuscripts and the introduction of acupuncture and acupressure into the west.

In recent years Dim Mak has been exploited, investigated, studied, debated and glamorized by the television and the movie industries.

Yet, even as in the past, it has still been a very guarded, shrouded and misunderstood subject. Often only taught to select few, and only after they had proven themselves through years of dedication to the warrior training arts. 

As pointed out in the main page of this section, there are several good reason behind the suppression of these techniques and concepts.

  1. On one side is the legal, moral and ethical implications of executing these techniques and/or concepts.
  2. On the other hand is the total reliance on a belief that by learning a few concepts, or knowing the specific dim-mak martial arts pressure points, you have somehow have gained an extraordinary ability to defeat an opponent.
  3. The possibility that this knowledge can be as dangerous to the victim as to their attacker, especially if a person is not properly trained.

These thing must be taken into consideration prior to, during and after the exploration of different dim mak death touch training, concepts, and techniques. 

Although the idea and concepts of dim mak training and the possible existence of a secret set of death touch techniques have been perpetuated and circulated for sometime.

It has only been in the past several years that my own warrior training has lead me to studying these concepts in more depth. 

Why the Creation of this Dim Mak Death Touch Page?

As a young warrior martial artist I was fascinated by different warrior stories, martial arts movies and books on dim mak and other mysterious concepts of Chi manipulation.

But I also have a great fascination with science and technology. So although I can have faith in something outside of proven reality, I also will not accept something just because someone else claims it exists.

Thus the creation of the dim mak 'death touch' page. Together we will examine the history, concepts and ideas of, the often controversial and misunderstood, Dim-Mak 'death touch' Training. 

Dim mak is not actually an art in and of it's self. It is actually an advanced part of several different chinese martial arts. It is complimented by Chin na. 

Some believe that dim-mak and chin na were influenced by an ancient Indian martial art called Marma adi, which is based on method used to attack 108 of the vital pressure points of the body.

Dim-mak and chin na employ methods of attacking pressure points, these are the same points used in the different chinese healing arts. By utilizing different..

  • Strikes
  • Touches
  • Joint Manipulation
  • targets

There are many similar dim-mak and chin na style techniques and concepts in other martial arts such as;

  • Ryu Kempo
  • Tuite
  • Kyusho
  • Tai Chi

As this section continues to grow we will explore some of the history, ideas, and concepts and how they relate to dim mak and chin na. 

It is always good to supplement your warrior training. Different sources will sometimes give you a unique approach or explain it in a way you personally understand. So, please check out these resources below. 

  1. Black Belt Magazine Dim Mak Death Touch
  2. Taiji World Dim Mak

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