East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 MMA Fight Commentary Part 1

by Trent 'Kuma' Warner
(Bartonville, IL)

East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 MMA Cage

East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 MMA Cage

East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 MMA Cage
Big Bear Academy Warrior Training Hall Fighters Billy Zombro and Adrian Oday
Aaron Fuller at Throwdown Round 8 Weigh-ins
Throwdown Round 8 MMA Event

I have been attending and reviewing the East Peoria Throwdown events since Throwdown 3, but Throwdown Round 8 was the first time I had amateur mixed martial artists represent the..

Big Bear Academy Martial Art Warrior Training Hall.

This has given me a new perspective on the East Peoria Throwdown MMA events. I arrived earlier than any past events including Throwdown Round 7.

I was blessed to have my son and wife with me this time, helping taking pictures, along with one of my longest private martial arts students Ookame. My time was very split between watching the mma event and supporting my fighters.

This time I arrived around 2:30pm. This is when the fighters filled out paper work and had there physicals prior to the fights. Bob Long was busy even at this time. He is a great mma warrior and gives much to keep the Throwdown MMA events moving and exciting.

Attending the East Peoria Throwdown MMA Events has allowed me to meet many of the mma fighters, staff and supporters. Arriving early with my fighters gave me added time to mingle with old friends and see more of what is involved in making these mma events a success.

As usual we were able to take many pre-fight pictures.

MMA Fighters Register for Throwdown Round 8

As we waited for the fighters to register the Throwdown staff was busy getting ready for the nights mixed martial arts action. During this time my son and I had a chance to take pictures and speak with some of the fighters.

I stayed close to my fighters and helped them register, encouraging them to relax and have fun. They had trained hard and all there hard work would be tested. Everyone was very friendly, excited and supportive of our entrance into this coming mma event.

Having mixed martial arts fighters competing in this event afforded me access to many of the behind the scenes areas, I had not before experienced. While we all waited for the Throwdown mma fans to arrive, many fighters were relaxing, while others warmed up.

Mixed Martial Arts Fans Arrive at EP Throwdown 8

As the mma fans arrived and they waited in line for the doors to open, I was asked to help out with checking them in. I was very honored to help out in Throwdown Round 8 and had a chance to interact with the East Peoria Throwdown mixed martial arts fans directly. Everyone was very excited and friendly.

Once the line thinned out I moved into the fighter area for the pre-fight meeting where the rules were reviewed and the nights fight schedule was posted. There were 30 mixed martial arts fights that night.

I was very blessed to have many people supporting this review by taking pictures recording fight details, etc. I was at my normal press table, but purchased a VIP table for some of my friends and family.

The VIP table was a great way to experience the mixed martial art fight action, I highly recommend you experience at least one Throwdown MMA Event this way.

Throwdown Round 8 featured... four amateur mixed martial arts title fights, seven preliminary fights and almost 20 mma bouts in the nights action.

As always mma fighters were given several special awards for:

  • KO of the Night

  • Fighter of the Night

  • Sub of the Night

  • Fight of the Night

  • East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 Fight Action Begins

    Saturday nights mixed martial arts action began with several Prelim fights. These fights featured up coming mixed martial artists under 18, along with those mma fighters who had not fought prior. Billy Zombro was one of these mma fighters, he has been training with me for about three months or so.

    Many of the younger mma fighters used more pad protection, such as:

  • Shin Guards

  • Head Gear

  • Larger Gloves

  • This flows perfectly with Throwdown's mission of keeping these events family friendly and there commitment to fighter safety especially these younger under age warriors.

    Throwdown Round 8 Preliminary MMA Fight Action

    The first preliminary mma bout of Throwdown 8 had Cole Stalter pitted against Trevor Taylor. Trevor won this prelim mma bout via unanimous decision. In Throwdown 7 Trevor fought Brant McBride.

    The prelim mixed martial arts action continued with a mixed martial arts battle between Billy Zombro and Scotty Sharp. Billy Zombro represented of Big Bear Academy Martial Art Warrior Training Hall in Bartonville, IL.

    These two mma fighters are childhood friends and Scotty had even stopped by the Big Bear Academy's Warrior Training Hall once to roll with us.

    The mma fight opened with Scotty swinging and catching Billy with a hit to the chin. Billy quickly regained his footing and the fight ended up on the ground.

    Billy won at 1:37 of round one, by a very well executed rear naked choke. Needless to say I was very proud and excited. Here is a MMA Video of..

    The next prelim mma fight featured Kyle Mikula and Trevor VanMiddlesworth.

    This mma bout also ended in a rear naked choke at 1:32 of the first round.

    The forth fight of the night was also ended in a rear naked choke. It was starting to become a theme...Kane Adams delivered the win over Kury Ashwood in first :37 seconds of the match.

    Tyler Foster battle Aaron Fuller in the next prelim mma match of the night. Aaron defeated Foster with a guillotine choke at 1:22 of the 1st round.

    Aaron trained with me at the Big Bear Academy Martial Art Warrior Training Hall for several weeks leading up to his East Peoria Throwdown Round 8 MMA match.

    While, he was a guest for those weeks, I was very honored when he asked if he could represent Big Bear Academy that night. I look forward to him making our training center his home.

    Next Lance Robertson fought Larie Bonds. Bonds placed Robertson in a guillotine choke in round one, causing Lance to tap out at 1:00 even. Larie fought with injured hands that night and still came out with a win.

    I have known Larie for many years, he was friends with my oldest daughter and has always made a point to say hello to me at the different Throwdown events. Congrats on the win Larie.

    The final preliminary bout was fought using pankration rules and was the first female mma match of the night. Tayor Shaw went up against Erica "Earmuffs" Weinberg. Erica won by an arm bar in the first :23 seconds of round two.

    The ninth amateur mixed martial art match of the night pitted 135 lb fighters Chris Layton against Jared Powell. This match started out strong and continued strong until 2:25 of round one, when Jared won by referee TKO stoppage.

    Throwdown Round 8 continued on with a 145 lb match up between Sean Johnson and Jason Schaffer. Jason defeated Sean with a triangle technique at 2:25 of round one.

    Jason Schaffer was awarded Sub of the Night.

    Upon moving threw the first one third of the nights mma fights, fans were given the second female mixed martial art match of the night. This 125 lb bout had Alexis Ross battling Angela Farm. Angela won in the first round via TKO.

    Angela O Farm won the Female Fight of the Night Award!

    A 205 lb light heavy weight match was next on the agenda. This is where my personal fighting weight is and I enjoyed these matches. Mike Rodriquez and Luke Maurer battled through to the first :33 seconds of round two.

    Luke defeated Mike with a Technical Knockout.

    Cole Kasur fought Darnell Reed in a 170 lb mma bout. Cole Kasur won via a TKO at 1:15 of the second round.

    The 14th mixed martial arts fight at Throwdown Round 8 was a 145 lb match up between Jordan Goodwin and Cody Powell. This was also the first knockout of the night.

    Goodwin was knockout with a kick to the face by Cody Powell during the 2nd round. I was in the fighters staging area during this match and missed it. I can't wait to get the Throwdown 8 DVD and watch all the fights I missed.

    Cory won Knockout of the Night with his kick to the face KO!

    Logan Anderson battled Matt Sears in the next 155 lb mma bout. Logan Anderson moved up from 135 lb weight class. This match ended at 1:33 of round one with a referee stoppage due to strikes.

    Amazing this only puts us at the half way mark of the night. I had stayed very busy up to this point and still had another fighter representing the Warrior Training Hall.

    There were so many mma fights at EP Throwdown 8 that I am splitting up this mma review. Look for the next installment soon.

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