Are you Looking for a Free Pressure Point Chart?

If so, I would imagine you are not alone.

Finding a documented free pressure point chart was one of the first things I went in search of when I first  became interested in pressure point training years ago.

I wanted one that would help guide me along the path to testing and investigating pressure points and there usefulness in my warrior street combat self defense training.

Now back then I was content to pay for the information. Of course that was before the explosion of information over the past years.

You can learn more about how I first became involved in dim mak pressure points by reading my article "Pressure points - How I got started"

Of course my background is not really why you have ended up on our free pressure point chart page is it. You are looking for free pressure point charts, yet everywhere you turn you cannot find any. 

I have been working on several dim mak pressure point charts and videos of which I had, and still do, plan to publish in the near future, but I have not had the time to finish these projects. 

So this page kept being pushed back. I am a very particular critic of my own work and sometimes my planning and preparation gets in the way of actually completing a project.

Again you are asking yourself, how does this get me what I am looking for "a free pressure point chart"?

Well, bear with me a few paragraphs and you will not be disappointed.

You see I was doing some research the other day on the internet when low and behold I came across a link claiming to have a dim mak chart full of pressure points for me to download. 

What happened to me happens more times than not, I clicked over and the site didn't even have anything to do with pressure points and certainly did not have a free pressure point chart.

I continued searching only to find the same result again and again. I went back and began to re-investigate some of the martial art dim mak pressure point websites of warriors I had trained with or found online in the past. 

After going through most of the web links, I came across one from a school based in Canada that teaches and trains in martial art pressure points. 

As I was searching the web site of Chad Barry's Martial Arts, a web site I had forgotten about, I came across a pressure point chart on his web site.

I will supply you with the pressure point charts in just a moment, but before your twitching finger scrolls down the page, please take a moment and review the information in the next few paragraphs. 

Why? You ask because this is not the only free pressure point chart that I found. I actually came across a web site of a group I had found a few years back, called the Black Arts Society. 

I had visited the Black Arts Society's website on one of my late night internet surfs and could not remember the exact name the next day.

Needless to say I have spent (off and on) the past year or so trying to find them. And there they were as a link from Chad Barry's site.

As I surfed their site I came across a truly great gem, a free pressure point chart, archived in a PDF file ready for download.

I of course downloaded it for myself and I will be supplying you the opportunity to download it for yourself in just a moment. 

Before you retrieve these pressure point charts please remember that these websites are hosted by honorable warriors that are offering us free pressure point information.

Take the time to investigate each web site and don't just take their free pressure point information and run.

Contact each web site and tell them you appreciate them offering these pressure point charts. 

Check their seminar schedule and see if they are going to be in you area. I know I am going to try and get to one in the future.

A few more things to take into consideration before checking out these links below:

  1. Simply studying all the dim mak martial art pressure points listed in the charts below will not make you an expert in pressure point fighting, nor will it make you unbeatable or invincible 

  2. Pressure points add little to your martial fighting skill without proper instruction and training.

  3. Dim mak charts and martial art pressure points training is dangerous and can cause injury if you are not properly trained and do not practice safe training. 

Free Pressure Point Chart for you to Download

Please take the above into consideration and acquire training prior to using the information in the pressure point charts that you have been so patiently waiting for, here they are..

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