Machida has a Controversial Win over Shogun Roa in UFC 104

by Kuma

UFC 104

UFC 104

In Saturday's UFC 104 MMA event, Lyoto Machida, the UFC light heavyweight champion defeated Shogun Rua retaining his title belt and remained undefeated in one of the closest fights I think I have ever watched in MMA.

Although Machida won by a very close unanimous decision, it left many of the fans in Los Angeles booing and many watching on PPV scratching their heads.

I am a huge fan of Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida, but at the end of this fight I worried that he has just lost his first title defense. It was bitter sweet when he won. Mostly because this fight was so close and Machida was unable to employ many of the tactics that he is famous for.

Even though I am a fan of Machida, I have to give props to Shogun Roa for his excellent performance and his ability to keep the Champ guessing all night. Machida never was able to hone in on Shogun's timing.

While Machida did land good leg kicks and many punches to the head, Shogun was right there countering with his signature muay thai kicks to the leg and mid section. This was a tough fight to call and I would not have wanted to be one of the judges on this one.

All three judges scored the fight for Lyoto Machida three rounds to two. This MMA fight was so close that it could have easily have gone either way.

When asked about a rematch Machida said "No problem" He went on to say "Whenever he wants, I'll try again" I hope these two warriors get another chance to battle soon.

After the fight Shogun was ask what he thought about the decision, "I trained hard for this fight for four months," Shogun went on to say "My corner was telling me I won the fight. I feel like I won this fight but a fight is a fight. What can I do?"

What a humble warrior, he certainly gained my respect, both in how he fought and how he handled the decision afterwords.

Here is what MMA Junkie website had to say:

"Obviously, Machida's first title defense wasn't without controversy. Many fans felt the performance was a clear decision victory for Rua via scores of anywhere from 50-45 to 48-47. It seems only a small minority thinks Machida, who officially earned the victory (48-47 on all three judges' cards), felt the champ deserved the victory."

The MMA Fanhouse website gave this account of how this Main Event started:

"Shogun started the fight by throwing a kick, and Machida responded by grabbing Shogun and landing a couple of knees. The two clinched against the fence after that, and after they separated Machida landed another hard knee to Shogun's chin. They were both cautious and attempted to pick their shots and counter-strike throughout a very close first round."

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