Bear Warrior Martial Art Directory Guidelines

It is our pledge to keep the Bear Warrior Martial Art Directory a concise collection of schools, seminars, events, articles and news as related to the martial art warrior training journey. 

In an effort to assist us in keeping to this pledge we reserve the right to exercise our editorial discretion based upon the guidelines and polices that we have set forth. 

You can dig down into our martial arts directory via the

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Please take the time to read these submission policies prior to making your contribution to our Warrior Martial Art Directory. 

All submissions to the Bear Warrior Martial Arts Training directory are subject to our consideration. Prior to submitting a page on our website, you are required to check a box accepting our submission agreement

We respectfully request that you take the time to read and understand this agreement along with the submission guideline policies prior to submitting your page. 

By following the submission agreement and our guideline policies you will not only avoid rejection of a submission, but you will have added value to the web, thus creating a page you can be proud of and that will create a buzz.

Martial Art Directory Guidelines

Unlike many other martial art directories you may find on the Internet today, we do not require you to create an account, nor do we require you to fill out an in-depth registration form. 

You have the option to give your email address and it will only be used to inform you about your submission. It is not used for any other purpose. 

We value your privacy (see our privacy policy of more info) we do not even require that your leave your name, but we recommend that you do. 

After all what is the fun in making a great submission if you can't enjoy your name as the author for the entire web to see. 

We do not charge for your submission, we simply asked that your contribution is relevant to our martial art warrior training website and adheres to these qualities:

  • offer high quality information
  • original and created by you (not copied)
  • in good taste
  • legal (not violating laws written and expressed)
  • accurate and true
  • non-defamatory
  • non-threatening
  • non-confidential
  • non-infringing of copyrights owned by others

We strives to offer high quality information and training for all it's visitors and simply ask that you help us keep it real through out the entire site.

What makes a good Martial Art Directory Submission?

Great question! One that you are proud of and would want others to see. It is our recommendation that prior to uploading your submission you lay it. 

Use your favorite program (a word document is fine) or simply grab a notebook and lay out your submission. You do not have to worry about html or any kind of formatting. 

This first step is simply to allow you to ensure your spelling is correct, the page is readable, all your facts are correct and that it is original content not copied from something else you or someone else has previously published. (We will check this out

Once you have a rough draft of your document, find the page you wish to submit to and type in or copy your drafted document. Make sure to click on all the [?] in the submission form. They will offer you assistance in creating the best looking page. 

Once you have checked the submission agreement box and typed in the captcha challenge phrase your can hit the submit button and send the page in for review. 

What happens after I submit my Bear Warrior Martial Art Directory Listing? 

After submitting your contribution page a preview will appear, giving you one last chance to edit your page, make sure everything is correct prior your final submission.

How to change or add a submitted page?

All the Martial Arts Directory listing steps above, have been designed to assist you in creating a page that fulfills the specific requirements set forth, however, there are still ways to update and even change content after you have submitted 

We ask that you wait for your page to be approved and become live, prior to requesting any changes. You may find that once we have fine-tuned your contribution page you are happy with the results, it's content and layout. 

Once your page has been approved and is live there will be a comment form at the bottom of the page, some of these create comments in separate windows and some keep the comments on the same page. 

This is our preference based on the flow of content in our exclusive Warrior Martial Arts Directory website and is not changeable. 

(Send any Ideas, concerns and/or comments here

Visitors also have the ability to comment on your page, which can be quite exciting and sometimes enlighting to see how others view your contributions. 

If after reviewing your page, you still find things that need to be changed, you still have a few options. Depending on the time frame of the request, the extent of the request and the time required to make the adjustments you are requesting. 

Fill out the form below to request changes, please understand requests are completed by priority and then by a first come first serve basis. 

We humbly request that you keep your martial art directory page change requests to a minimum. Re-writes and complicated request my incur costs; you will be notified of any costs prior to work beginning. 

Submission Change Request Form

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