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Come, Let's discover and explore the vast expanse of martial arts information. Together we will explore answers to questions such as;

  1. What is the martial way?
  2. Why are there different styles, forms, and systems of martial arts?
  3. How does it compare to concepts of the warrior arts?

During our investigation, we will explore many of the different martial disciplines of the world, Explaining each, as discovered and experienced by the Bear Warrior, Trent 'kuma' Warner.

We will closely examine each of these martial paths. Discovering their..

Upon the completion of investigating the different martial arts information present here, you will have gained a stronger understanding of the warrior martial training arts.

The martial arts information contained in this investigative report is broad and in-depth, and as such will be broken down to several smaller reports.

Let's Begin Our Martial Art Information Investigation

Please come in, have a seat and join us.

We are just getting started. I was about to address the question,

"What exactly is the Martial way?"

while exploring how it compares to my martial training concepts of Okii Kuma Ryu.

The Martial arts are simply combat systems comprised of practices and traditions of unarmed and armed combat.

The term "Martial arts" was translated in 1920 by Takenobu's Japanese English Dictionary from the Japanese word bu-gei or bu-jutsu which loosely translates to..

"the craft or accomplishment of military affairs"

Another definition is translated directly from the Chinese term, Wushu, it's translation literally means, "martial art". Wushu generally refers to all forms of Chinese martial training arts.

The term martial arts is slightly more difficult to identify or classify in its English usage. Its strict meaning should be..

"military or warrior arts"


"arts for military use"

If these definitions were employed then we would include such modern combat military arts as;

  • Dog fighter
  • aircraft training
  • sniper training, and so on..

The above would be more correctly classified as warrior arts. Reserved for category V combat and military type training environments.

But in normal everyday usage it is generally used to refer to a formalized system of training designed to teach one how to fight and defense ones-self.

To help us better understand this let's break it down by the English meanings of the words "Martial" and "Arts".

  1. First is the word "Martial" meaning militarist trait and to some degree relates to war or the warrior way.
  2. Second is "Arts"which is to give expression, or have skill acquired by experience, study and observation.

Martial Arts Information - Kanji for Martial Arts

What differentiates the martial training arts from mere unarmed brawling is the organization of their techniques into a coherent system and the organization of effective teaching methods.

Martial disciplines can be characterized by the controlled and mindful application of force in ways selected for the greatest effectiveness.

In this sense..

  • Boxing
  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Wrestling

..can each be classified as martial training arts.

Some fighting arts, such as the traditional Chinese martial arts, go beyond simple fighting techniques and teach side disciplines such as;

  • Qigong
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Bone-setting
  • Traditional Chinese medicine

These side disciplines then become a natural extension of ones fighting art.

As you progress to more advanced levels, your martial arts training will allow you to take advantage of a detailed knowledge of how the body works, drastically increasing the effectiveness of a given warrior martial art technique.

Certain martial training arts, such as Tai Chi Chuan, are also practiced to improve mental and physical health.

As such modified Tai Chi training has gained great popularity among many health enthusiasts.

The Martial arts information of a given system is generally a reflection of it's founder and teachers, this reflection thus has given birth to many different martial art styles throughout time.

Warrior's Sharing Martial Arts InformationWarrior's Sharing Martial Arts Information

These warrior disciplines all have meanings of their own, which are expressed in different forms that range from the..

  1. Traditional to the modern
  2. Ancient to the scientific
  3. Spiritual to the physical

For an example, I am the founder of the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training website and co-founder of the concepts of Warrior Street Combat Self Defense.

I also practice, train and teach an eclectic warrior martial art style known as;

Okii Kuma Ryu Tamanegi no Budo

So, why are there so many different martial disciplines?...

Because there are so many different types of peoples, cultures, and backgrounds in this World.

Just as there are many different martial styles, forms and systems, there are just as many versions of how they began.

Martial Arts Information
from around the World

Every village and tribe around the world had a few trained fighters who passed on their knowledge.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to pass on a fighting system when no oral record is kept.

As such, many of these martial art systems have been lost as their practical relevance declined.

Western civilization has helped to popularize the martial arts, and many of us conjure images of Asian culture, when we think about martial training.

But in reality almost ever culture and country in the world has some form of warrior training.

The vastness of these martial disciplines is almost indescribable,  but we will give it a shot.

While, some generalities can be applied most cultures and countries have their own unique spin on martial training and warrior disciplines.

Over the next few sections will discuss different concepts and training of..

Many of these warrior disciplines have dedicated time to martial arts weapons training using their existing open hand techniques for each weapon.

While others have developed an entire martial art with weapons. These warrior disciplines are often based on a single weapon or even several groups of weapons.

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