Martial Arts Movies

There are so many great martial arts movies available, that it can become a very daunting and time consuming task trying to decide;

  1. which ones to buy,
  2. which ones to rent,
  3. which ones to pass on,

Together, we will review different martial art films, examining each movie in detail, during this process the we will supply you with..

  • Objective reviews
  • Movie details and descriptions
  • The ability to rate reviewed martial arts films
  • Resources to (rent) and/or (purchase) movies

For this very reason we have created a section dedicated to simplifying the task of choosing a martial art film

Martial art films along with several different forms of martial art demonstrations, have long been the driving force behind my earliest passions to learn, study and train in the warrior martial arts.

"To this day, the martial art film genre serves as an incredible force in keeping my passion for the warrior journey fresh and alive." - Kuma 

Share your passion for martial arts films with us!

Warrior Martial Arts Movies Reviews

I am not the only one who is passionate about martial arts films and their stars. Other visitors to the bear warrior martial art training website have posted their passions as well. 

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I have so many martial movies and martial arts film actors that I enjoy. They have..

  • inspired me
  • entertained me
  • intrigued me

Below is a growing list of martial art films stars along with many of my favorite movies from each of these martial artists and martial actors.

Jet Li Movies: Join us as we examine the movie career of this martial arts legend.

New Martial Arts Movies: - News, Reviews and Commentary on the most current martial arts movies

Share your favorite Martial Arts Movie..

Do you have a great story about your favorite martial arts movie? Then please take a moment and Share it!

When warriors share their knowledge and experience with one another, everyone's warrior journey is enhanced.

Martial Art Movies from Other Visitors

Click below to see the favorite martial art movie of other visitors to the martial art movie review page...

Jet Li Fearless 
It is pure brilliance. To me as a martial arts fan it tops all the classics and this epic portrays morals and excellent fight scenes. Even though this …

Fist of Fury 
Bruce Lee is excellent in this role - really good acting and brilliant fight scenes throughout. The fist of Fury martial arts movie was very intense, …

My Connection to the Martial Art Movie Bloodsport 
The 1987 martial art movie Bloodsport, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, was based on the real life of Frank Dux, whom I have personally trained with. …

Ninja Assassin 
I Just finished watching Ninja Assassin for the 6th time. While being a fanciful martial arts movie about ninja, the action is incredible and the martial …

Waka-waka Man Martial Arts Short Film 
Aurelien Henry OBAMA from Cameroon, a central African country, stars as a martial arts hero who saves a girl from bandits. Lost Brother "Waka-waka Man" …

Blood and Bone Movie 
The Blood and Bone martial arts movie emphasizes the ability and direction on how you can use the martial arts to your advantages and that living and choosing …

My thoughts on Fist of Legend 
I give this martial arts movie the G.O.A.T. title (Greatest Of All Time) and place it at the top the must have list. "What makes this movie so …

Help finding Martial Art Movie Title 
Hello, I am in search of several martial art movies. One is an earlier Jet Li supernatural movie where the main bad guy used a scroll to become more …

Miss Swan Battles Ninja Not rated yet
I loved the Miss Swan character from MADtv and in this skit, Miss Swan Defends Gorgeous Pretty Nails Beauty Salon from Ninja and the One Eyed Man. Although …

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