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Warrior Martial arts weapons training is an important part of the warrior martial arts training path. Many martial art styles have some form of martial weapons training in there curriculum. Why, you ask? 

Well, there are several very good reasons why martial weapons training is an important part of any warrior training curriculum.

Bear Warrior with Kuma Fighting Sticks

For example:

  1. Training with a weapon will help build confidence in your unarmed combat
  2. Martial weapons training will increase your options in a self defense situation
  3. Training with a new weapon will give you a fresh perspective on past training cycles

As you can see, martial weapons training is a very important and natural progression of your martial arts warrior journey.

There are a variety of martial art weapons available for your warrior martial arts training needs. 

Tonfa Okinawan Martial Arts WeaponsTonfa Okinawan Weapons

Warrior Martial Arts Weapons can be Divided into Different categories:

  • Short weapons
  • Simple weapons
  • Primitive weapons
  • Long weapons
  • Flexible weapons
  • Projectile weapons
  • Bladed weapons

Many warrior training systems include their martial weapons training as part of their system, while others base the warrior martial art system solely on weapon training. 

In some martial arts training curriculum they use special and unique techniques that pertain to the martial arts weapons themselves.

These techniques are kept separate and apart from the hand to hand unarmed portion of their training. 

While other systems may have no difference in open handed unarmed combat techniques and the movements used by their martial weapons. The weapon is viewed as an extensions of the body.

In these arts the unarmed techniques flow and react in the same movements as the martial art weapons themselves. So, which way is best?

  • What are these weapons arts? Are they only restricted to martial arts? What is the difference between modern and traditional weapon art? These questions and more are answered in...the warrior weapon arts section

Either of the two above paths can be equally effective, but the most efficient way to approach martial arts weapons training is to adhere to the following training concepts..

  • Allow unarmed techniques to flow into weapon techniques
  • Allow weapons techniques to transform into your unarmed combat

Inevitably your weapons training and unarmed combat training become seamless.

Two Swordsman Fighting

Why is this so important? Simple, if you.. 

  1. Loose or gain the weapon your focus is not broken and you will not hesitate in any street combat self defense situation
  2. If you never experience combat, these weapon training concepts will give you a better understand of your martial art techniques in your particular martial art style or fighting system

More to come...

This is only the beginning of our discussion of martial weapons and their training concepts.

As time progresses we will be adding new weapons training methods, techniques and information. 

Future Topics will include: 

  • Staff training (Bo, jo, quarter)
  • How to create your own martial weapons
  • Exotic martial weapons
  • Samurai weapons
  • Ninja weapons
  • Martial arts training weapons
  • Medieval weapons
  • Martial Swords Training
  • Martial Arts Weapons for Sale

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