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As the popularity of the mixed martial arts continues to grow with more sports organizations offering to provide new mixed martial arts fighting venues.

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Keeping apprised of the latest mixed martial arts fights isn't always easy. 

We have implemented an innovative way for you to stay up to date on all your mixed martial arts news and information.

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As our mixed martial arts information service expands, we will begin to categorized the key topics, allowing you to find news and information updates directly related to popular mixed martial arts fight venues such as;

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  • PRIDE(FC) ~ Pride Fighting Championships
  • WWCN ~ World Wide Cage Network

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Highlighted MMA Information and User Contributions

Click below to see highlighted MMA News stories and view contributions from other visitors to these pages...

Upcoming Female Mixed Martial Arts Warrior 
I recently attended Throwdown 4 in East Peoria, IL and one of the co-main events featured dynamo female mixed martial art warrior, Cathy Snell. She …

Peoria Illinois Amature MMA Cage Figher First on Card 
Local Mixed Martial Art Fighter Nick Porter of Peoria, IL has been announced as the first fight on the card of an upcoming MMA Event in Chariton, IA. …

UFC 94 Controversy! Did GSP Cheat? 
I popped on Yahoo this morning and this headline caught my eye.. "Did GSP's corner cheat to give him an edge?" The article is fairly straight …

Central Illinois MMA Fighter Kenny Robertson Fighting in UFC126 
Up and Coming Central Illinois Mixed Martial Arts warrior Kenny Robertson is set to fight in Las Vegas at UFC 126 this weekend. Robertson and MMA …

Ricardo Liborio BJJ - Transition from DLR to Halfguard Not rated yet
Master Ricardo Liborio presents us with a DLR BJJ training tip? In this BJJ Video, Liborio shows how to sweep your opponent from De La Riva to half guard. …

Judo Vs BJJ - The Debate Not rated yet
Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are two sides of the same art. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, put a lot of emphasis on “big Judo” , the spiritual side …

Was Randy Couture all Natural as was Promoted? Not rated yet
I came across a mma news story today where UFC Featherweight Jose Aldo stated the he didn't think Randy Couture was 'Natural'. While, it is a possibility, …

Veteran Fights PTSD using Mixed Martial Arts Not rated yet
I came across this article it is very cool and I think the mission this warrior has under taken using the mixed martial arts is awesome.. "A San Diego …

Jon Jones placed on Indefinite Medical Suspension due to Toe Injury During UFC 159 Light Heavy Weight Title Defense Not rated yet
Jon Jones was a trooper after he defended this Light-heavy Weight title at UFC 159 on Satuday April 27, 2013. He had an obvious broken toe and still …

Ronda Rousey Advises Future Female UFC Hopefuls.. Not rated yet
I Came across an article about female MMA fighters on Yahoo.com and thought I would share it with you. This is a quote from Ronda Rousey in that …

Women Proving Worth in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Not rated yet
So far, women more than proving their worth in UFC "The first time two women fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship octagon, it was cause for …

Jenna Foxy Lady Fox Not rated yet
Jenna "Foxy Lady" Fox is an amateur female mixed martial arts fighter from Monmouth, Illinois. As of January 24, 2013, Jenna is ranked #1 at 145 lbs. …

Machida has a Controversial Win over Shogun Roa in UFC 104 Not rated yet
In Saturday's UFC 104 MMA event , Lyoto Machida, the UFC light heavyweight champion defeated Shogun Rua retaining his title belt and remained undefeated …

'Mask' Co-Owner of TapouT
died in a car accident
 Not rated yet
Charles Lewis Jr., (a.k.a. ‘Mask’) wrecked his Red Ferrari Mondena around 1am March 11, 2009 in Newport Beach, CA. The Ferrari hit a pole while traveling …

Helio Gracie has Passed Away... Not rated yet
As many of you may already know, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu founder Helio Gracie passed away this past Thursday, January 29, 2009. He has done much to forward …

Elite XC no Longer a Contender Not rated yet
It's official the Mixed Martial Arts organization Elite XC is folding . This blow comes after their Oct. 5th CBS main event between Ken Shamrock and …

UFC 84 'ILL Will' Not rated yet
I watched UFC 84 'ILL WILL' this past weekend and it had some of the best mma fights I have seen in a while. Many of you have most likely already read …

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