MMA Event Review Freedom Fight Series

by Trent Warner
(Peoria, IL)

Team USA vs. Team Mexico

Team USA vs. Team Mexico

Team USA vs. Team Mexico
Visiting MMA Fighters and Coaches
MMA Event Layout
Team USA Interviewer

On January 26, 2013, I attended the Freedom Fight Series MMA Event at the Fair Grounds in Springfield, IL. This was my first time attending this particular MMA event, but I was very impressed by the quality of the nights mixed martial arts action.

I drove up with a very good friend of mine Joe Walker, who runs an MMA program at his American Martial Arts Academy. He had a fighter, Michael Ship, whom made his mixed martial arts debut. AMAA is my home training center and I had helped Joe with some of Mike’s mixed martial arts training.

Illinois Building at Illinois State Fairgrounds where FFS MMA Event was heldWe arrived at the event around 2:30pm and they were just finishing up with weigh-ins.

It was an intimate setting held in the Illinois Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The event was held in the main 12,272 square ft. auditorium.

The mixed martial arts octagon was in the center of the room with several rows of table seating surrounding it. On the outer perimeter there were several bleachers for the general admission seating.

After the weigh-ins and particulars were completed we headed out to get a bit to eat before the mixed martial arts event doors re-opened.

Upon arrival back to the Freedom Fight Series MMA Event, we re-connected with Mike and several other Central Illinois amateur fighters who came up to support Mike in his first MMA fight experience.

MMA Fighters, Trainers and Coaches visiting before MMA EventThe picture to the right is all of us visiting with Bob Long of CICC. Bob is one of the founders of the Central Illinois Throwdown Mixed Martial Art Events held in the Peoria area.

After some visiting and some photos, we all headed up stairs to the fighters area. It ended up overlooking the entire event area, giving me a prime vantage point to document the night's mixed martial arts action.

I did get pictures of most the nights MMA fight action and some are live on our Bear Warrior Martial Arts Training Facebook Page.

Not only was I able to get loads of pictures, I also made a point to speak with many of the MMA fighters, mixed martial arts fans and some of the event staff, throughout the night.

I enjoy interacting with the fans, fighters and staff almost as much as watching these types of amateur mixed martial arts events.

All the fighters and corners that I spoke to were very excited about the nights event and very polite in allowing me a few moments to capture them during warm-ups, ect. They were all very professional and very humble.

As we moved closer to the nights MMA action, I realized that the MMA main event was a little different than most.

Team Warrior Concepts, whom hosted the nights mixed martial arts festivities, had arranged to have Team USA battle Team Mexico in a four fight mixed martial arts battle.

Team USA had a film crew there interviewing fighters from both teams. I had a chance to speak with the interviewer, as she was very gracious to take a moment out of her busy night for me.

As the MMA fight area began to buzz with fighters, trainers, coaches and the press. I had the opportunity to speak with several of the mixed martial arts fighters and their coaches.

Everyone was very excited for the opportunity to fight and very gracious in allowing me to speak with them.

This mixed martial arts event began with the normal pleasantries of most events of this nature, with announcements, sponsor recognition and gratitude from the events promoter Scot Ward.

Next the first of the many mixed martial art battles began and in all reality never stopped. Each fight was handled and executed in a professional manner and the sportsmanship of the MMA fighters was evident.

While, I enjoyed all the night festivities, my only complaint would have been the extended time it took each fighter to arrive in the ring. Often, their walk in music was completed prior to them entering the ring.

Although this could have been improved, I have attended enough MMA events to realize the logistics of such events is often astronomical.

I have attended other mixed martial arts events over the years, where this small delay wouldn’t have even been noticed due to all the other more serious problems of the night.

There were far to many fights over the course of the night to give a blow-by-blow account of each one, but we have posted the fight results in the comments section of the FFS MMA Event Page.

All in all this was a very well organized, well put together and exciting MMA event that I am very much looking forward to attending again in the future.

Great job Team Warrior Concepts and Freedom Fight Series!

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