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In most states, pepper spray law permits you to carry and possess pepper spray. Yet in many other countries they are illegal or have heavy restrictions.

Since the tragedy of 9/11 customs laws have made it harder to ship pepper sprays abroad, as a result many US based self defense manufactures have either limited or discontinued international shipments of pepper sprays.

There are states where laws on pepper spray have placed restrictions on size, age and/or OC concentration. It is your responsibility to check into your local pepper spray restrictions, you must know and abide by your local laws. Ignorance is not a viable defense.

State Pepper Spray Law and Restrictions

Some states and many countries place restrictions on the shipment of defense sprays as well as how you go about buying pepper spray. Some places even restrict the type of pepper spray that is available for purchase.

For example, in..

  • Massachusetts pepper sprays can only be sold directly to residents via a licensed firearm dealer. While in New York self defense law governs that they are sold directly to residents via a licensed firearm dealer and/or a local pharmacist.
  • Michigan residents may only purchase Michigan Approved Pepper Sprays. Michigan pepper spray laws restrict the types of pepper for example: 
  1. OC Pepper Spray can be no stronger than a 10% concentrate. 
  2. CS is the only Tear Gas accepted, 35 grams per can or less
  3. No combination sprays are allowed
  • Where as in Wisconsin self defense law restricts residents to the types of defense sprays they can carry, for instance Triple Action sprays are restricted, and pepper sprays must contain only 10% pepper.

Pepper sprays along with other self defense sprays should only be purchased by those 18 years of age or older. They are not toys and can cause injury if not used properly.

As a rule of thumb you should always check with your local law enforcement, your states Attorney General, or your local Government and municipality for any regulations they may impose. Read more about pepper spray laws.

 Where is it Illegal to Carry Pepper Spray?

No, there are places that restrict or forbid pepper sprays. For instance they are restricted from being carried on board any commercial aircraft. Carrying pepper spray on to a commercial airliner is a Federal crime that carries high fines, and possible imprisonment.

Although, it is generally permitted to carry pepper spray in your checked baggage, I highly recommend you notify the ticketing agent when you check your baggage.

So, if want to bring your Hot Walker Pepper Sprays to carry on a run during your business trip or vacation, make sure you let the airline know they are in your luggage.

Pepper sprays cannot be put on a cargo plane due to the compression of the spray. As a result pepper sprays are only shipped via Ground within the continental United States.

If you live in Hawaii it may be cheaper to purchase from a local supplier or retail location.

Since the tragedy of 9/11 you may also have issues when carrying pepper spray into secured locations such as Federal and State buildings, or any where you must pass through a security checkpoint.

Make sure if you wear a self defense pepper spray ring that you remove it prior to entering a Federal or State building.

I am not aware of any pepper spray laws that have specifically outlined other secured buildings, but you should use common sense before carrying your defense spray into any secure location.

Important Note about the Above Pepper Spray Information

It is likely that other restrictions exist in your jurisdiction, county, state, and/or country. The information provide in this page does not represent a complete or entirely exhaustive source of information, but it does represent the kind of restrictions that exist in different regions. 

Do You Know of Any Pepper Spray Laws?

It is extremely difficult for us to know all pepper spray laws from State to State, so I am asking any of my warrior brothers or sisters to share any information that may help us better understand the different State and local pepper spray laws.

It is generally not our policy to make links live in exchange for submissions, but if you have have a website that offers Martial Art Warrior Training Hall visitors quality information related exclusively to pepper spray laws, I will be happy to make these link(s) live. You can add your pepper spray law information below.

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Submitted Pepper Spray Laws

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Wisconsin Pepper Spray Laws 
Pepper Sprays in Wisconsin Have the following Restrictions The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range …

Massachusetts Pepper Spray Restrictions 
Massachusetts residents can only purchase self defense pepper sprays from a licensed Firearms Dealers in the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts …

Wisconsin Lawmakers hold public hearing on loosening the regulations on pepper spray laws Not rated yet
There may be good news for those whom live in Wisconsin and have to deal with the Wisconsin Pepper Spray Laws . Wisconsin lawmakers are examining …

New York Pepper Spray Restrictions Not rated yet
New York residents can only purchase self defense pepper sprays from a licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists in the state of New York.

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