Pressure Point Fighting - Theory to Application

Converting pressure point fighting theory into actual pressure point combat application can often be a very daunting task.

Especially given the fact that many theories associated with the concepts and techniques of martial arts pressure points are based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Even when examining pressure point theories from a western or more scientific approach the original concepts of these fighting techniques are still derived from Chinese medical research and concepts.

  1. Chinese medicine is based on clinical observation.
  2. Where western medicine is instead based on controlled experimentation.
Advanced Pressure Point Grappling Book

How do we peel away the layers of the onion to reveal the truth about pressure point theory?

Now that's a good question, the same way all truth is revealed through..

Investigation  Research  Experimentation

These are the only way to discover the techniques that will increase your pressure point fighting abilities, unlocking the mysteries and secrets of former warriors.

Fortunately, the past several decades have seen an explosion of information related to the pressure point concepts of..

In recent years several different martial arts schools across the United States and Europe have begun to embrace the once taboo subject of kyusho jitsu fighting.

The internet is now pushing this further into other nations of the world.

This accumulation of information has been spread and documented via several different avenues such as..

  • pressure point seminars
  • books on pressure point training
  • pressure point videos
  • movies with pressure point confrontations
  • and most recently the internet

It is important to understand that there is a difference between pressure point fighting and self defense pressure point application.

Pressure point combat is a conceptional investigation of the application of these concepts and techniques.

That is not to say that self defense pressure point training is less effective, nor is it less important.

It is a natural part of your pressure point fighting journey and pressure points can be explored primarily for self defense.

Pressure point combat requires a much deeper commitment from the practitioner

  1. Not only will you need to investigate the aggressive and offensive methods of fighting using pressure points.
  2. But the practitioner should also be prepared to investigate the passive concepts and defensive techniques of a particular pressure point fighting style.

This will create a well rounded pressure point
practitioner, one who understands the complete cycle of life from destruction to healing and back.

My favorite pressure point fighting martial arts movie...

One of my favorite martial arts movies has an very good example that may help give you complete understanding of pressure point concepts when applied to combat.

This Jet Li movie was a remake of the Chinese Connection (originally starring Bruce Lee).

Jet Li's remake was called Fist of Legend and although the story line is the same, it has several variation from the original.

Ok, I am rambling...

The scene I am referring to has Li's character defeating several Japanese martial arts students using pressure point techniques and then after the fight is about completed.

The students teacher comes in and begins reversing all the damage done using counter pressure point skills.

Applied Pressure Point Fighting Techniques

I once had a instance where a boxer / street brawler told me that pressure point fighting and my warrior training arts in general were useless against an experienced street brawler and boxer.

Now, I am a big fan of western boxing and it is a part of my warrior training.

Boxing and street combat are both very effective fighting styles and a skilled practitioner can quickly defeat the unprepared martial artist.

But the claim of this person was simply that pressure point fighting could not defeat a straight up brawler.

So, I asked him to attack me at 1/2 speed and I would show him why I thought a skilled fighter using pressure points could quickly defeat a brawler.

He was not small and moved pretty quick for a big guy, so I knew that if he connected with me I would know it.

He proceed to make his move, going slower that 1/2 speed, by turning my body sideways I positioned myself on the inside of his first punch quickly striking a few points on the inside of his arm.

I then dropped my inside arm tight to my body with my elbow just above my hip bone and protected my ribs from his body jab.

After attacking his arm that he punched with he quickly pulled it back to his side (reaction mostly), we weren't trying to hurt each other.

This gave my the opportunity to reverse my stance and give him what he thought was an opening.

He quickly jabbed with his other had and I attacked the inside of his other arm and raked a few points on the top of his hand.

He pulled that one back and we stopped. His reaction was classic

"Hey that's not fair, besides you didn't land a punch"

Ah, life isn't fair and what he didn't realize was that I did land my techniques and accomplish my goals of eliminating the weapons of a brawler, the arms.

Of course he wanted to try again, so I said, Ok.

I suggested that we keep everything friendly, he agreed. Yet he came at me 3/4 speed and tried to catch me off guard.

Instinctively I attacked the inside of both arms quickly and without prejudice.

Once he pulled them both back I move quickly behind him and place my foot on against the inside of his leg, brought my hand just under his chin, gently bringing him to one knee.

I didn't take it further and neither did he we were just messing around and it was for fun.

we weren't trying to kill one another. He certainly got the point and brushed off the whole situation by stating that..

"Anyone with my background and training should be able to do that"

Now, none of the above is to toot my own horn, quite the opposite.

I wanted to give you a first had experience of how you can use pressure points in a fight and gain the advantage.

Pressure point techniques should be used to enhance your other street combat self defense skills.

Although my life long pursuit of the warrior arts helped me react without hesitation, this level of pressure point fighting can be achieved by anyone willing to follow the path of..

Investigation Research Experimentation

Below is a video from a fellow warrior who explains what pressure points are and what they are not.

They should be used with your other warrior and self defense training..

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