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The Bear Warrior self defense training path explores many different forms of self-defense, and will touch on the differences and similarities as compared to street self defense, street fighting, combat self-defense and the martial arts. 

It will help to clarify the misconceptions of training in self defense, shattering many of the myth's surrounding this topic. 

Together, we will explore the personal, physical, and legal obligations of defending ones self

During our exploration we will be offering and reviewing many different resources and avenues for further instruction. 

All while expanding on defensive techniques and principles. Thus, helping cut away the fat and fluff, revealing a lean chiseled format. 

We will address the use and possible defense of common everyday items, modern day weapons, and unarmed self defense combat used on the streets today. 

So, Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and we'll join in as the Bear Warrior begins this section with his article....

What is Self Defense Training?

Self Defense training in it's most basic form is the act of learning protection of ones-self. It comes in many forms and levels of defense.

Self Defense is best defined as... the act of defending ones self, one's property or a close relative. 

Self protection can be effected by simply; 

  1. improving the awareness of your environment
  2. locking the doors of your car while driving
  3. developing natural tendencies to sense danger
  4. avoiding dangerous situations

It can be learning to defend yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even verbally. 

And may be devoted to the needs of women, children, elderly, or the physically challenged. 

It can be carrying any one of the many self defense products on the market today. 

If you are looking for a complete selection of low cost, high quality security and self defense weapons, may I recommend, Our Self Defense Catalog 

Self Defense training has many layers or degrees. You can spend a lifetime trying to master them all. But I recommend that you find and train in the ones that fit your personality and needs.

The most important components needed to form and execute a viable defense is "Your-Self", and "Your Common Sense". Without them you either become a victim, a statistic, or part of the problem. 

You must be willing to defend yourself, you must take the time to learn and understand what is required. Only then can a defense be formed 

Many people forget to use self in defense, they rely solely on a device or someone else to protect them. 

You Must utilize the most important weapon we have, our minds, that coupled with common sense can help keep you out of dangerous situation. 

  • You are responsible for our own protection
  • You must operate within the constraints of law
  • You must be aware of your surrounding
  • You must be responsible with your associations
  • You must protect your home and family

These can all be accomplished with prevention, training, knowledge, proper tools, and awareness. One of the first things to concentrate on are prevention and training. 

Self Defense training has been a very popular and diverse topic in past years. Many instructors, on and off the internet, have different views on what training, tactics and techniques to use and how to train or approach these ideals. 

I believe that most of them, if not all would agree that Prevention is a Key. 

Weather, you prepare the Mind, Body, or Spirit. Being prepared enhances the awareness of your surroundings and Life. Thus, creating a safety buffer. 

If all you accomplish is prevention you can greatly diminish or reduce your appeal to a would be attacker. The perpetrator doesn't want you to be aware of them, they count on the element of surprise. 

Reducing your appeal, to a would be attacker, is not always enough. Today's attacks are becoming more vicious and brutal. 

Violence is not confined to certain areas anymore. It is spreading and effecting people of all aspect of life. 

This is why training is an important and necessary part of self defense. If someone wants what you have and is determined to get it, confrontation may be unavoidable. 

At this point you must rely on your judgment, training and a focused mind, in order to have the best chance of leaving the attack safely. 

Self-Defense Training increases your knowledge of the different concepts and tactics used to form an effective and practical defense. 

By Continually, increasing your knowledge, awareness and physical presence you allow self protection to become a way of life. Thus.. 

..Through Self Defence Training
Prevention is Achieved

I am very excited about the future of the Bear Warrior self defense training Path, and I hope you will continue on your journey with us. 

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Below is a list of articles and resources that will help you on this part of your warrior training journey. 

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