Self Defense Weapons Training

Discover how to choose and properly use self defense weapons!

You have a right to defend yourself, and there are many self-defense weapon options available today. But most weapons are inefficient and can be down right dangerous if you do not posses the correct mental and physical skills required to operate and/or use a weapon for self defense.

Although local law enforcement agencies are in place to protected and serve our communities, it is not possible for them to be in all places at all times. So, some aspects of safety have to be left in the hands of the community.

This idea of personal self defense and our responsibility is covered in depth in the main page of the martial art hall of warrior training's self defense section.

When someone is looking to take advantage of another person, be it robbery, rape, home invasion or a car jacking, they generally would prefer an..

  • unarmed
  • unaware
  • unprepared

victim over someone who is..

  • armed
  • prepared
  • aware

If more people would take that into consideration, it would be more difficult for a potential attack to occur.

Will being armed, prepared and aware stop all crimes?

No, but it can drastically reduce your chances for an attack and greatly increase your survival if you are attacked.

One of the reasons I created the Warrior Self Defense Weapons training section is to help you gain the advantage.

How you ask? By simply enabling you with the..

  • knowledge
  • training
  • information

of various weapons used for defending ones-self. And there are many different types of Self-Defense Weapons.

Yet, in order for them to be effective in their task, you must learn where to target with each specific weapon.

A weapon, when use properly and applied for self defense, will cause a reactions in the attacker, giving you valuable time to either..

  1. retreat to a safe place
  2. or retaliate with equal or less force

If you decide to use one of the self defense weapons listed in these next pages, then I highly recommend that you find a class or study course in your local area.

You must prepare and understand how to use your weapon effectively for each self defense application! Why? Because Knowledge is Power! 

So, what is a Self Defense Weapon?

In all reality a self-defense weapon can be any device (including your own body) used to defend ones-self. But in this section we will concentrate mostly on devices, equipment and other tools that can be utilized in a self defense situation.

Self-defense devices fall into three basic categories:

  1. Non Lethal
  2. Semi-lethal (less than lethal)
  3. Lethal

Self defense sprays and energy weapons are examples of non lethal or less than lethal weapons used to defend self. They are both used by the everyday citizen and law enforcement personnel alike.

Ok, let's begin our investigation into different types of self defense tools. Starting with the non lethal (less than lethal) weapons.

Self Defense Sprays and Energy Weapons 

When these self defense weapons are employed properly they..

  1. can incapacitate an attacker
  2. are fairly easy to use
  3. generally do not harm the attacker
  4. have a lower risk of harming innocent bystanders

These less than lethal and non lethal weapons are very popular, partly due to the fact that they..

Pepper Spray Self Defense Weapon
  • do not usually require a licence
  • are inexpensive
  • can be concealed

Although, these self defense weapons can be effective, they do have negative points that you must take into consideration.

For instance they can... 

  • be somewhat controversial
  • be too weak to fully incapacitate an attacker
  • take several seconds produce the desired reaction

A little training and knowledge can go a along way in increasing the effectiveness of most self defense weapons.

Self defense sprays and energy weapons are no different.

Here is a list of resources to help you increase your knowledge of these different self defense device.

Lethal Weapons used for self defense

There are many lethal weapons that can be used for personal self defense. But there are a few things you have to take into considerations:

  1. Although lethal self defense weapons can be used in a semi lethal fashion, they are lethal in nature. 
  2. The line between self defense and assault can be come blurred when these weapons are used to defend self 
  3. Proper training is a requirement prior to using a lethal self defense weapon 
  4. Lethal weapons can be used against you 
  5. Some lethal weapons can injure innocent bystanders 

Increasing your knowledge of different lethal self defense tools will greatly improve there success, while helping you decide if your are prepared for the responsibility of this level of self defense.

Here is a list of semi lethal and lethal weapons:

  • Telescopic steel batons
  • Self Defense Cane or Walking Stick
  • Self Defense Baton
  • Self Defense using a Knife
  • Self Defense with a Hand Gun
  • Self Defense with a Shotgun
  • Key Chain Self Defense Devices

Many of the weapons listed above are extremely offensive weapons and can cause more harm than good.

Make sure you investigate the options above long before you decide to use them. 

Self defense weapons and the Law

One thing that you have to consider when choosing a weapon to use for self defense, is the legal restrictions of your local principality, state and/or country. In most places you are permitted to defend your person and/or property from attack.

Self defense laws can vary greatly and it is your responsibility to know the law in your area. Ignorance of the law is never a viable defense.

Different places in the world place restrictions on many of the weapons list in this page. They may require a permit, while others are more lenient.

Here are a few articles to help get you started in the right direction.

  • Pepper Spray law
  • Stun Gun laws

Alright, now you have a good start on what weapons for self defense are available and have some avenues to learn more. Before you go let's review a few..

Important points regarding the use of a self defense weapon

  1. Never rely exclusively on your self defense weapon, your mind and self awareness are the greatest weapons you posses 
  2. Weapons are self defense tools and should be treated as such, you are in control of how they are used. 
  3. Self defense devices are mechanically inclined, as such they can fail to perform when you need them most, don't let there effectiveness create false security. 
  4. Test your self defense device regularly, don't just acquire a device and place it way for a just in case day. 
  5. Practice makes perfect, acquire training for a particular weapon. Then train with it regularly. 

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