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Street Combat Self Defense
Concepts and Tactics!

These warrior street combat self defense tactics and concepts of the bear are universal to all styles and/or systems of training.

It makes no difference if you are a high level practitioner or just beginning your warrior street combat self defense journey. The concepts and tactics of the following article can and will benefit you.

Street Combat Self Defense
Tactics and Concepts of the Bear Warrior

In a street combat self defense confrontation you must...

    Watch your Attackers actions, body language and attitude.

    Be Ready for an attack, aware of any methods for a safe Retreat.

    If a safe retreat is not possible, then you must be prepare to retaliate any aggression an attacker may initiate. This should be done with a force equal to or less than that of the force being presented.

    Improving awareness of the amount of force needed is achieved
    by Overcoming your fears and lack of confidence in your ability.

    Rest, repetition, and recovery will help to quite your fear, while improving your confidence and ability......

    Allow your stance to be natural, relaxed, and most importantly have a center line of gravity.....

    Foot Placement should only be important to the stability of your stance.

    While Techniques should flow from one to another, thus blocks become attacks and attacks become blocks.....

    No matter your style or system of warrior training, these universal tips of WARRIOR street combat self defense can always be followed......

Remember to keep the warrior code of the tiger and the bear in perspective. What is this warrior code you ask? Well, now that was a good question.

Click Here and discover how this warrior code can benefit your
street combat self defense training path.

This is only the start of this topic. These and many more street combat self defense concepts & tactics will be explored in the W.S.C.S. Training Manual of the Bear!

****A Note from the Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner****
This will prove to be an in-depth and personal part of my warrior street combat self defense training.

As the release and completion of this path grows closer, I will break down, digest, and examine some of the techniques, tactics, and training concepts to be covered.

In which you will find great detail given to each subject, with examples, pictures, and links to other experts & avenues of instruction.

So, Check back often and watch our Warrior Street Combat Self defense Training Section grow! - Kuma

Some of the topics to be covered will included:

  • Kuma Goshin-Jitsu's 'Dim Mak' street combat Training
  • The Vital Strike Areas of the Body
  • The Use of Common Everyday Weapons
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Training with the Bear Warrior
  • Kuma's Combat Conditioning
  • "Kuma's Circle of Life ©" close combat training
  • Developing Warrior Street Combat Instincts

Many More Topics are planned for the future......

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