The Bear Warrior Path

By Trent 'Kuma' Warner

The Bear Warrior has many different..

..faces, styles, ideals, philosophies, cultures, and beliefs.

Yet, the one thing that one should Always hold true, is an honor and respect for all life, safety, security; along with an understanding of societies codes. 

I stand fast to a belief that everyone has the spirit of the bear bushi deep within themselves, how they choose to use and develop it is what defines their...

  • path
  • training
  • lifestyle
  • warrior art

The Bear Warrior Path does not need to advocate violence, yet should promote peace. The quote below is what hangs in entrance of one such bear bushi's Dojo. 

"Enter in LOVE to earnestly practice the techniques of war, In order to better understand the art of peace."-Shimahito Ichi-o

There have been many great people, through out history, who have accomplished great things without violence. They have even change the world and given hope to a hopeless people. I would consider each and every one of them warriors

Many philosophical, religious, and spiritual writings speak of;

  • warriorship
  • codes
  • fighting the good fight
  • and some times standing up for your faith

In today's society these concepts and believes cannot promote violence, but instead should aid in peace. 

The Samurai of old would engage in battles of verbal wit and logic long before a physical confrontation would ensue. And even if a physical confrontation did erupt, they followed the bushido code which demanded respect and honor. 

Shaolin priest advocate peace, yet they train in some of the deadliest of arts. If we don't stand as warriors in our training, then we simple become soldier's, training for War. 

The Bear Warrior Way

Becoming a bear warrior isn't just something you are, it is something you live. Living as a bear warrior isn't just about war, it is about training. 

    Fighting as a Soldier in a war does not make the warrior. The training one goes through to prepare for that war, is what defines that persons Bushido. 

    The code that I live by is one of a respect and honor of my fellow man, as well as for life itself. 

    If an attack is presented to me, I am prepared to defend, retaliate, and/or even destroy if necessary, but only when all other resolutions have been exhausted. 

    When in war, an attack has already been initiated. As far as the warrior is concerned all other options of resolution have been played out. 

    Thus, life must be preserved even if death is necessary. This scenario is not an everyday life experience. 

    Everyday life experiences are where the warrior code must be followed or innocent life may be effected.

I say "Be honored to brandish the warrior stigmata and hold your head high, proud of what you are and of what we as warriors stand for." -- The Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner 

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