Throwdown Round 6 MMA Fight Commentary

by Trent 'Kuma' Warner
(Martial Art Warrior Training Hall)

Throwdown Round 6 MMA Ring

Throwdown Round 6 MMA Ring

Throwdown Round 6 MMA Ring
Nick Porter making his way down to the Cage
Throwdown MMA Fights broadcast on large screen
Logan Anderson Bantamweight Title Fight Winner

Throwdown Round 6
Mixed Martial Arts Fight Commentary

I arrived at the Throwdown Round 6 Mixed Martial Arts event about 5:35pm and there was already a line beginning to form, the doors opened at 6pm.

As I waited in line I had the honor of meeting several mma fans waiting for the event. Four of these fans trained at a local mixed martial arts club.

Once the doors opened the line move very quickly, the staff taking tickets and money were very friendly and helpful.

From there we moved into the foyer where the concessions and vendors were located.

The foyer lead into the main event area were the mixed martial arts action took place. The mma cage was placed in the center of the large room with a huge screen located behind the cage area.

The entire event was broadcast on this screen allow all to enjoy the mma action all night.

The Mixed Martial Arts Action Begins

Kenny Robertson was the special mma guest of the night. He is scheduled to compete in UFC 122 on November, 13 2010. Kenny is a home town boy hailing from the Central Illinois Combat Club.

The first mma bout of the night was a submission grappling match between Mitchell Hearing and Nathan Gamez. This submission grappling match ended in a Draw.

The mma action continued with a battle between Keith Hauter and Kris Blayney. The fight ended in a unanimous decision in favor of Keith.

The next fight featured Grant Ghi Ghi and Zach Strain. These two mma warriors were scraping and demonstrated some good ground and pound action.

The fight ended with Zach tapping out at 1:30 in round one due to rear-naked choke delivered by Grant Ghi Ghi.

The forth fight of the night between Jimmy Brown and Rob Landi delivered some excellent mma action. There were kicks, strikes and some ground work all ending with a split decision favoring Rob Landi.

Rob Landi ended up winning the fighter of the night award.

The next fight in the Throwdown 6 action matched up Kelly Madden against Matt Noble. This was an intense grappling match that ended with Madden delivering a forearm choke in the first 30 seconds of round 2.

The sixth match featured young mma fighters Nathan Gamez and Tyler Widener. This was fought using Pankration rules for the under 18 Division.

Nathan ended up with a win via decision, but Tyler had some very strong and vocal fan cheering him on.

It's exciting seeing young warriors mixing it up with gusto.

The mixed martial arts action continued with a battle between East Peoria Police Officer David Horn and Mitch Walker. Horn defeated Walker at 1:42 in round 1 with a rear naked choke.

There were a group of ladies sitting by me in the VIP section that had come to Throwdown 6 specifically to cover David Horn's mma match. They were very excited to see him win.

Mixed martial arts bout number 8 between Colton Martin and Mike Taylor featured some very nice grappling and good ground in pound. Colton Martin defeated Mike Taylor by a TKO at 2:05 of round 1.

This match up won the Fight of the Night award.
It was a great fight.

Next match had Nick Kelly battling Shane Fisher. Nick Kelly went on to defeat Shane Fisher at 1:44 of round 1 via a verbal submission to an arm bar.

Jeff Chapai then defeated Justin Frederking in just 50 seconds of the first round using strikes to secure a TKO.

Nate Gamez and Trever Taylor fought using Pankration Rules in this under 18 division match. These two young warriors supplied the fans with good mma bout which ended in a split decision in favor of Nate Gamez, this was Nates second match of the night.

The 12th match of the night, pitted Tyler Parr against Devin Rutledge. The match ended in round 1 at a 1:22 with Tyler submitting Rutledge with a rear naked choke.

The next match up was between Gaston Sierra and Tim Carpenter. Gaston defeated Tim via decision. I had a

chance to speak with Gaston and his supporters later in the match. He was very humble and excited about his win.

Gaston took time out to contact the Martial Art Warrior Training Hall and earned a interview with us. This your mixed martial artist has the heart of a warrior. Read more about this amateur mma warrior..

MMA Fans Share Their Thoughts..

This brought us to about 10:30pm and there was still of full house and many excited mma fans. I had a chance to intermingle with some of these fans throughout the night.

For many it was there first time attending a East Peoria Throwdown mma event. Here is some of there reactions and comments:

"We are really enjoying the mma action so far"

"This is my first time here and I am having a blast"

"I have attended many of these fights and
they get better every time"

I spoke with many different types of fans and did not once get a negative response concerning the mma fights nor the event it's self. All seemed to be having a good night out at the fights.

In bout 14, David Harris fought Jason Kennedy. Harris defeated Kennedy in 1:11 of round one using a nice forearm choke submission.

At 1:31 in round 1 of the next fight between Steve Saunders and Jason Alderson. Saunders was able to defeat Alderson with the first KO of the night.

The first female mma fight pitted Melissa Pacheco against Shannen Gudzinkas. This one started fast and ended quick at 57 seconds in round one.

Melissa won the submission of the night with her win by rear naked choke.

The female mixed martial arts match was followed up with a quick match up between Steve Smith and Steve Sanders. Smith defeated Sanders with a guillotine choke in just 32 seconds of first round.

The Tim Burton vs. Zach Cain match up brought the nights next knock out. It was executed by Tim Burton at 1:20 of round 1.

The 19th mma fight of the night ended was between Matt Sears and Dylan Griffin. Matt tapped out at 2:44 of round 2, due to a barrage of strikes delivered by Griffin.

Throwdown veteran Nick Porter battled Kyle Dietrick. This match went the distance and Nick won by decision.

Nick and I become friends on myspace and he is how I originally discovered the East Peoria Throwdown mma venues.

Nick has been feature several times on the Martial Art Warrior Training Hall web site. Once for a mma event in Chariton, IA. Another for his match in Throwdown 4 and the yet another time when he was on the fight card for Soldiers of Fortune 2 MMA Event.

From here the nights action moved into a heavyweight mma exibition match up between Rob Craby and Ricky Johnson.

Although this was just an exibition match these two heavyweights gave quite a show. They rocked the cage and may have even moved it a bit..'it was great!'

The last non-title mma match of the night had Eric Jackson facing Rob Covey. Eric submitted Rob in the first 40 seconds of the second round.

The first Title Fight of the night was for the Women's 155 pound weight division. This was a quick match between Sara Thomas and Lisa Burrus. Thomas defeated Burrus with two quick punches in the first 10 second of round 1 scoring the win by TKO.

Sara Thomas was awarded KO of the night, very well deserved.

She was a very humble winner showing lots of concern for her opponent, who was very rattled.

Title Fight number 2 pitted Logan Anderson against Alejandro Sauredo. This was for the bantamweight division . Logan scored his win in 52 seconds of round 1 with TKO.

The final fight at East Peoria Throwdown round 6 was a Middleweight Title Fight between Corey Hauter and Scott Stevens. Cory choked out Scott in 51 seconds of the first round using a rear naked choke.

I want to thank all the fighters, staff and volunteers of this mma event. It was a very enjoyable night with lots of action and excitement..See you at East Peoria Throwdown 7.

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