Throwdown Round 7 MMA Review

by Trent 'Kuma' Warner
(Martial Art Warrior Training Hall)

Fighters Posing before Throwdown Round 7

Fighters Posing before Throwdown Round 7

Fighters Posing before Throwdown Round 7
East Peoria Throwdown Title Belt
Throwdown Round 7 exhibition Match
Throwdown Round 7 Exhibition

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 Mixed Martial Arts Fight Commentary

I arrived much earlier to East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 then I did to the Throwdown Round 6 Mixed Martial Arts event. And this time my youngest daughter came with me to help out taking pictures, ect.

We arrived around 4:30pm, which was prior to the fans. This was great as it gave me time to mingle with the fighters and get loads of pre-fight pictures.

As we waited for the crowds to arrive the fighters and Throwdown staff were busy getting ready for the nights mixed martial arts action. During this time the fighters took turns in the ring taking pictures and posing for a few for us.

I even had the honor of meeting several of the mma fights and catching up with some familiar ones. Everyone was very friendly and excited about the coming mma event.

Once the doors opened the foyer area, where the concessions and vendors were located, began to fill up quickly. Soon, the fans began to filter in to the main event area where the mixed martial arts action took place.

As in previous Throwdown MMA Events the mixed martial arts cage was placed in the center of the large room with a huge screen located behind the cage area. The entire event is broadcast on this screen allow all to enjoy the mma action all night.

There were four EP Throwdown title fights in the nights mixed martial arts action and several special awards for..

  • KO of the Night
  • Fighter of the Night
  • Sub of the Night
  • Fight of the Night
  • The Throwdown Round 7 MMA Fight Action Begins

    The nights mma action began with a few exhibitions fights around 6:45pm. These fights featured up and coming mixed martial artists under 18 and had 2 rounds at 2 minutes each. Many of these younger mma fighters used more pad protection, such as:

  • Shin Guards
  • Head Gear
  • Larger Gloves

  • This flows perfectly with Throwdown's mission of keeping these events family friendly and there commitment to fighter safety especially these younger under age warriors.

    I am still working on acquiring the results to these exhibition matches.

    These mma exhibition results will be update as I get them. I did take some notes during the matches and have listed the information I have below.

    The first exhibition mma bout of the night feature a fighter from the Peoria Athletic Club and a fighter from Bloomington and was representing Team Adrenaline.

    This first mma exhibition match featured a good exchange of stand-up.

    The mma exhibition action continued with a battle between Brant McBride of Brimfield, IL and Trever Taylor of Pekin Martial Arts Academy in Pekin, IL. Trever had a 0-1 record coming into this match.

    These fighters came out swinging and both put up a good fight.

    The next exhibition fight featured was between Jeff Cole of Team Adrenaline and Ryan from the Peoria Athletic Club.

    These two mma warriors had a good exchange of striking and kicking till the end of their mma fight action.

    The forth fight of the night was fought using Pankration Rules and feature Nick Porters sister, Brandy Porter. She represented the Central Illinois Combat Club.

    Brandy's opponent was Erica Wynburg also from the CICC. These female mma fighters took this to the mat quick and that is where it ended.

    Erica won by an arm bar at 1:50 of the first round. I was able to capture some footage from this match up, you can view the mixed martial art footage here.

    It's exciting seeing young female martial artist mixing it up
    in this sometimes male dominated sport

    The final exhibition match of the night matched up Cody Berg against Marco C . This was another excellent match and supplied some great mma action.

    The Throwdown Round 7 action then moved on to the traditional amateur mma action of the night which uses mma gloves and featuring three 3 minute rounds.

    The first full amateur mixed martial arts 135lb fight pitted Pat Kelly against Jimmy Calahan. This match started out with a strong pace. This pace continued until Jimmy won by TKO at the end of round one.

    The mixed martial arts action continued with a 155lb battle between Central Illinois Combat Club's Nick Kelly and Justin Donavan representing the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts out of Bloomington, IL.

    Kelly took this fight to the ground and won by guillotine choke in 29 seconds of round 1.

    Mixed martial arts bout number 8 was 120lb bout between P.A.C.'s Andrew Waterworth and Andrew Bucey. This match featured a great slam to the mat that could be heard from outside the ring.

    There was a very nice grappling exchange on the ground, but at 2:40 of round 1, Waterworth won the match via an arm bar submission.

    Andrew Waterworth Fighter of the night. Great Job Andrew!

    The next match had Jason Kennedy battling Shawn Johnson. This 185lb mma fight had some excellent ground scrapping between these two warriors. In the end the win went to Shawn Johnson via strikes in the 2nd round at 2:45.

    Dillon Rich fought Austin Hodeckie in the next 170lb mixed martial arts bout. Austin defeated Dillon via arm bar submission at 2:40 of round one.

    The 11th match of the night, pitted Andrew Dewolf against Kelly Madden . This 155lb match began with Kelly taking Andrew to the ground. Round one ended with a great slam to the mat by Kelly Madden.

    Kelly won the match in round 2 at a 2:03 with ground and pound strikes. Kelly Madden had a very excited fan base cheering him on throughout the match.  

    The next match up was between two female mma fighters Dana Clark and Tiffany 'cupcake' Bramah . The entire 1st round of this female mma bout was fast paced and offered good exchange between the two fighters.

    Dana began round 2 with strikes to the face and the fight was stopped at 1:50 of round 2 due to strikes. Dana was the winner of this mma fight.

    MMA Fans Share Their Thoughts..

    Just as in past East Peoria Throwdown mixed martial art events there was a full house of excited mma fans. As the night progressed, I had the opportunity to intermingle with some of the fans.

    Many of the fans in attendance had been coming to the Throwdown events for sometime, but there were several first timers attending East Peoria Throwdown Round 7. Here are some of the reactions and comments from these fans:

    "I absolutely enjoy the mma action of these Throwdown fights"

    "I have been meaning to attend one of these for sometime, this is awesome"

    "What a great time out, these fighters and fights are sweet"

    I had the pleasure to speak with a wide variety of mma fans. There really are a broad range in attendance from the young to the old. I noticed many couples attending as well.

    Not once did I ever get a negative response concerning the mma fights nor any dissatisfaction in the event it's self. All in attendance seemed to be having a great time out at the fights.

    In the next bout, Zack Strain fought Mike Taylor. This fight had an accidental low kick near the beginning of the match that I was able to catch video of this low kick. Mike Taylor won this match at 1:26 of round one, stoppage due to strikes.

    The nights action moved to a 170lb battle between Larie Bonds and Aaron Fuller. This fight went to the ground right off the bat and featured some ground n pound actions. The match stayed a grappling battle for the remainder of round 1.

    In round 2 Aaron came out swinging and the fight action stayed motivated, Larie eventually took the fight to the ground and defeated Aaron with ground and pound strikes at 2:15 of round two.

    After 1:51 of first round 205 light heavyweight mma action, Kegan Chavez defeated Nathan Owens via strikes. Only after Nathan landed a great kick.

    The 185lb match up between John Kennedy and Clint Hightower ended with an arm bar submission by Kennedy at :26 of round 1. John represented Extreme Cage Fighting Rentals.

    I have a chance to speak with the owners of Extreme Cage Fighting Rentals. They supply cages to many mma events though out the Midwest, very nice guys. They were enjoying the Throwdown action.

    Wow! There were so many mixed martial art fights at East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 that I am splitting my mma review into two parts. This being part one.

    Read East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 Part 2 Review..

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    Jun 22, 2011
    by: Marco

    Awesome footage, really enjoyed it.

    May 11, 2011
    RE: MMA Fights
    by: Kuma

    Jonathon, send me your contact information via the contact us form below and I will get you in touch with the contact person(s) for Throwdown..

    May 11, 2011
    please help interested in fight in mma localy
    by: jonathon levi toliver

    Hi my name is jonathon Levi Toliver I live in peoria I'll I am 170lbs and 30 years old with some amature boxing training from the lucky lady fight club in Peoria.

    I trained with Francis Sargent. I also know a lot of grappling and jujitsu would love a chance to fight at shows like throw down locally I am fighting shape and ready to leave some blood on the mat .

    I can fight and just want to prove it I kick butt at lucky lady's club and ever since it shut down I have been looking for a way back in to a ring.I just love to fight I am most at peace when in a fight it is pure joy I fight to win but just love the struggle.

    I can't train away from home a lot I have 2 Two year old twins. And work six days a week 56 hrs and I just stay in shape and spare often I love local events where u can just walk up. Sign on the dotted line and fight and trust me.

    I never give up I have cardio I was a long distance track runner and very high pain tolerance. Can you help point me in right direction

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