Throwdown Round 7 Review Part II

by Trent "kuma' Warner
(Martial Art Warrior Training Hall)

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 MMA Event

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 MMA Event

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 MMA Event
Throwdown Round 7
Throwdown Round 7 Championship Belt
145lb Championship Match

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 Review (part II)

Let's continue the EP Throwdown 7 commentary I started over at the East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 MMA Review

Heavyweight mixed martial arts action featured Robert Michael fighting Rob Johnson. Johnson finished the fight in 1:39 of round 1 with a key lock submission.

You don't see this type of submission finishing matches much,
It was kind of cool!

MMA action continued with 135 ponder's Lucas Zucchi and Shawn Koontz. This mixed martial arts fight started with both fighters circling and tactically exchanging strikes.

Round one stayed standing up with exchanges of kicks and punches.

Round 2 of this 135lb mma action opened with a slam and some ground and pound. It was eventually stood up due to lack of action.

At about a minute into round 2 the fight went to the ground again with a good slam. It ended at 2:26 of round 2 with Lucas delivering strikes to Koontz.

145lb female mma fighters Riki Gomes and Danielle Prather moved into the octagon next. The match opened up with some stand up grappling and a nice knee around :45 secs ending the fight with strikes. Riki was the winner of this match up.

From here the nights action moved into a 170lb mma match up between Lane Robertson and David Harris. David Harris defeated Robertson with strikes in round 2 at 2:26.

Adrian Oday faced Jesse Remely in the next 155lb match up. This fight went right to the ground and Jesse submitted Adrian with a rear naked choke at 1:06 of the 1st round.

Moving on in the nights fight action pitted Brian Reseng against Colton Martin. Round one started out with stand up striking and quickly moved to the ground.

Colten defeated Brain on the ground with strikes at 1:26 of round 1 scoring the win by TKO.

Next was a 145lb fight that pitted Larry Sampson and Donald Harper. This match went to the ground with a hard slam to the mat . Donald Harper scored the win in 1:36 of round 1 with a triangle choke.

Donald Harper was awarded the Sub of the night award

Tim Carpenter and Mike Rynearson began their 170lb match switching between stand up grappling and striking exchanges, including a brutal knee strike against the cage. Mike Rynearson scored a verbal submission from Tim in the second round at 2:49.

Zooming right along, the night of fights transitioned into 155lb warriors Marcus Jones and Trent Wilkson. Fight began with a stand up choke, moving into stand up grappling. This soon led to the mat and some ground grappling.

At 2:39 of round 1, Trent Wilkson ended the match with a rear naked choke. With a name like Trent, I wouldn't expect anything else but a win ..LOL.

Rob Covey and Rob Johnson finished their match started with strikes right out of the gate, then move to the mat. Rob finished the match with an arm bar in round 1 at 2:56.

In the first East Peoria Throwdown Title Match was up next. It featured defending champion Logan Anderson (8-2-1), defending his 135lb Bantamweight Throwdown Belt against Kyle Detrich.

Logan kept his title via arm bar. This is one of the few fights I was able to completely record that night. Check out this 135lb Bantamweight title fight.

125lb fighters Chuck Giles and Rob Landy battled next. The fight featured good stand up and a nice front kick. Both warriors showed good heart. Landy delivered the win via strikes in 1:34 of round 2.

Throwdown action continued with the East Peoria Throwdown Title Fight between Cory Hauter and Steve Saunders. This was for the 185lb middleweight title belt.

This title fight started by going to the ground hard, the remainder of the fight was an up and down yo yo. Ground to stand up, both fighters giving and taking.

At one point I noticed Steve began to gas a bit, but he dug deep and finished the defense of his middleweight title belt, winning via decision 29-28.

Steve Saunders Cory Hauter fight of the night

Here is a video clip of Steve Saunders leaving the cage wearing his East Peoria Throwdown middleweight title belt.

On to a Heavyweight fight pitting Chris Archdale against Will Washburn. This was a bit of a ground battle ending at 2:26 of the first round. Will defeated Chris via strikes.

Will Washburn was awarded KO of the night

Moving on to a female 155lb Throwdown Title fight. Matching up female mixed martial artists Mellisa Young against Sarah Thomas. Sarah dominated this title fight, scoring a win at 2:02 of round one via strikes.

This was not as quick as Sarah's Throwdown Round 6 win. She won that one in 10 seconds with two punches.

BJ Abbott and Oscar Florez battled in a 185lb match up. It went to the ground quick, which was followed up by aggressive ground and pound, leaving Oscar Florez the winner by strikes at 1:06 of the 1st round.

The nights mma action transitioned into a 145lb Title Fight between warriors Jason Schaffer and Nick Porter. Nick is a the home town favorite and the defending Throwdown Champion.

This was a good match and the slightly large challenger, Jason Schaffer made Nick earn every second of this title defense.

Nick Porter went on to win by guillotine choke at 1:45 of the third round. One heck of a battle!

The final fight of the night feature Tommy Thomas and Gaston Sierra. Tommy came out strong in this match, dominating until his win via strikes at 2:49 of round one.

Great job to both fighters. The night was full of fights and they had to wait till the very end of the night to battle.

East Peoria Throwdown Round 7 was full of mixed martial arts action and mma fight excitement.

Thank you to the fighters for giving their all and to the Throwdown staff for making the night flow even with the daunting fight cards.

Hope to see you all at East Peoria Throwdown 8.

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