The Warrior Arts a Journey into the Warrior Spirit!

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What are the Warrior Arts? Are they relevant in today's world? Is it just about brutality and violence? Or is there more to this way of life?

  1. Are you wondering what the "Mushya Shugyo" is all about? Or are you just not sure what "Bushi" are? 
  2. Are you trying to re-discover your warrior spirit?

Well, these question and more will be answered during your visit to this warrior training arts section. Sit back, grab a beverage and Relax. This section will get intense at times. During which we will be.... 

  • examining the diversity of Warrior training past and present.
  • covering the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of these arts.
  • exploring many different warrior classes from the past.
  • investigating primitive and modern weapon arts.

We will delve into modern, ancient, and spiritual warfare, while learning how the warrior spirit drives us ever forward, thus discovering the importance of the bushido. 

** Learn more about Bushido the warrior arts 

For, you see a warrior is simply defined as one whom is engaged in a struggle or conflict! It isn't just something you are, it is something you live. It is the expression or art of living that helps to define the different warrior training arts. 

This way of living goes far beyond physical training, it is expressed in all aspects of daily life. Many warriors of old were farmers, teachers, leaders and all were survivalist. They were groups or societies in and of themselves.

Some warrior societies have great structure, while others are loosely formed. They are bound together by similar goals, a common enemy, or to protect the rest of society.

Many of these societies are driven by morality, spirituality and honor, while others are driven by greed, power, and death. Yet, they are not inherently good or evil, but defined by their actions, beliefs, ideals, and training. 

Their arts have bound them together as one. Back in 2000, I formed one such warrior society it was an MSN community group called the warrior street combat self defense society.

I have since closed the group, but will it has been re-opened as a facebook group under a new new name: The Bear Bushido Warrior Arts Alliance

This bond is also often evident in many classic and modern warrior martial arts from around the world.

Martial arts vs. Warrior Arts..
What's the Difference?

The warrior arts have a rich and varied history dating back thousands of years and spanning to the present day. The people that comprise these art forms come from very diverse backgrounds. 

Martial training is only a part of what makes up these arts. Thus, the martial arts are only part of the warrior training arts. 

Many martial arts are groups or societies in and of themselves. For, this reason I have dedicated an entire section to this vast group of warriors. 

If you would like to learn more about this evolving path,

then check out Warrior Martial Arts section!

The way of the warrior philosophy can often be totally devoid of martial training, they may focus and concentrate on non combative struggles such as;

  • Healing
  • Spirituality
  • Or some other non combative struggle

Yet, on the other hand, they may take martial combat training to a completely different level than the martial arts. This is extremely apparent in the modern military academy of combative warrior arts.

The martial arts are extremely connected to the warrior training arts, as many of them were birthed out of these ancient ways of living and training. 

Many of today's martial arts were expressed by the ancient bushi(warrior) class of Japan and are revealed in the deadly arts of ninjitsu. 

They are embodied by the philosophies and training of a Sholin Monk and expressed in the brutality of the barbarian warriors. 

The Native American Indian nation is another incredible example of the diversity of the warrior arts. They hunted and had a great spiritual connection with nature, training in;

  1. Combat
  2. Farming
  3. Survival
  4. Weapons making

It is not martial arts vs. the warrior training arts, instead you will find that they are connect interwoven paths that can stand alone or together. For you see... order for a Warrior to be balanced and strong they must prepare themselves for battle, in what ever form that may take!

As this section grows, we will be examining the arts of; 

  1. The Ninja Warrior
  2. The Military Warrior
  3. The Samurai Warrior
  4. The Art of the Shadow Warrior
  5. The Native American Indian
  6. Many Other Ancient and Modern Warriors

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