Humble Beginnings...the birth of a Warrior Code

By Trent 'Kuma' Warner

A Warrior Code is an important part of the warrior training arts. It is what defines a specific group, organization or clan of warriors. 

Without this code the warrior is alone, separate and apart from the cycle of life. But, when warriors share a set of values, beliefs, or ideals that are set forth in a written or understood code, they become connected. 

Warrior codes often uphold honor and a respect for all life. It is a reflection of those who follow or live by the code. The training concepts of Warrior Street Combat Self Defense, which was created by two warrior blood brothers, Iron Tiger and the Bear Warrior; has produce such a code.

The Warrior Code of the Tiger and the Bear!

The Warrior Code of the Tiger and the Bear was birthed out of warrior training between Iron Tiger and myself, 'Kuma'.

We met as young men and we were both very dedicated to the passions of our hearts. We loved the warrior training arts and we both followed the martial and physical disciplines of the body, mind and spirit

Warrior Code of the Tiger and the Bear

Although we had separate ways of warrior training, we had a common desire and intensity in our respective warrior disciplines. 

Iron Tiger leaned more towards hard, mystical & sometimes unorthodox principles of the warrior path, while I lean more toward the exotic, fluid and some what more traditional principles the warrior path. 

Yet, we each held a strong respect, understanding and knowledge of the others warrior Art. And since we both were born in America, we share a western twist in our warrior training ideals. 

We are on separate warrior paths, yet we do it together, helping each other and learning from one another's training (Iron Sharpening Iron)

Out of this sharing, our paths have become interwoven, crossing at times, distant at others. By allowing our warrior paths to become so connected a concept of training and the warrior creed of the tiger and the bear were born. 

These concepts are comprised of warrior street combat self defense training, techniques, and principles. Because of the differences we share there are two separate training arts of the Warrior Street Combat Self Defense concepts;

You will find many common yet unique principles in both training paths. But as there is a night it has a day, a sun and a moon, yin and yang, an open and closed door, there is also two parts to the warrior street combat self defense concepts, but there is only one warrior code of the tiger and the bear. 

One mirrors the other, different, yet the same. this Warrior Creed cannot survive without the warrior whom shaped it. We rely on one another for continued growth and improvement, of both these concepts and our lives. 

Although the pages of Big Bear Academy reflect the warrior training principles of the bear, always keep in mind I would not have developed them without my warrior brother Iron Tiger. 

It is with great honor and privilege, that I present to you with this code the...

...Warrior Code of the Tiger and the Bear

A WARRIOR must always Watch and be ready for an Attack, Retreat if possible, Retaliate when necessary. Only through training can a Warrior continue to Improve and they will Overcome all obstacles through Rest Repetition and Recovery!







Rest / Repetition / Recovery 


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