Western Martial Arts
Do Such Things Really Exist?

Western Martial Arts

If so, then what exactly are the western martial arts?

'Martial Arts Originating from Celtic
 Greco Roman and Germanic Warrior Traditions'

Let's first examine what western martial training is not..

  • It is not an Eclectic combination of different Asian Martial Arts
  • Nor is it a Mixed Martial Art
  • It is generally not steeped in philosophical rituals

So, what is it then? Let's start answering that question by looking at what is considered western.

The Western concept is best understood by examining the cultures stemming from the western martial arts traditions of the..

  1. Celtic Warrior Arts
  2. Greco Roman Warrior Arts
  3. Germanic Warrior Arts

The lands these warrior cultures historically occupied also adds to the definition of the western concept.

Traditionally western warrior arts stem from cultures of Europe and into North America.

I have personally been fascinated by western martial arts since I was a boy.

Growing up in the 1970's and 1980's not only helped drive my love of traditional martial training, but also for ancient warrior training.

There has been resurgence of public interest in the Western Martial Arts and this is primarily due to interest in such things as;

  • Renaissance Fairs
  • The Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Through interest in historical tales

Action and adventure fantasy films such as;
1.The Lord of the Rings
3.The Princess Bride

..drive further interest in western warrior arts.

Fantasy role-playing game depicting pseudo-medieval combat, (ex. Dungeons and Dragons) have also contributed to an increasing interest in western martial training.

western martial arts training

According to the Journal of Western Martial Arts the major difference between a western style of martial arts and other martial art styles is the western mind set.

Western thinking and expectations are such that the time to train and learn a new warrior training skills is optimized and shortened.

Basically, an instructor of a western martial art has a somewhat different training and philosophical midset, in that the western instructor is not as concerned with deep ritual or ceremony that is often an integral part of other martial arts styles.

As such, western students tend to expect their teachers or instructors to provide systematic and effective knowledge that has immediate and practical applications.

There is a growing numbers of western martial groups and schools forming across the world.

Some have said that this is an evident indication that specialized martial arts techniques and ability to learn these new skills quickly is the biggest draw for western martial arts schools today.

Western arts are often overlooked in favor of Asian martial arts .

When in reality western martial training has a rich history of..

  • warrior weapons
  • hand to hand combat
  • close combat

Many of the western warrior arts have training and methods that trace back to ancient western warrior civilization.

Below is a short clip of western martial arts training in action.

A western warrior art can include a multitude of forms rooted in western concepts, yet drawn from ancient martial arts styles and training concepts.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bare-knuckle Boxing
  2. Fencing
  3. Wrestling
  4. Sword Fighting
  5. Unarmed Combat Training
  6. Savate
  7. Ruff and Tumble
  8. Jousting
  9. Quarter Staff Fighting
  10. Panikration

As stated above, Western Martial Training Arts are typically from cultures originating in Europe and North America, so you may also want to examine following articles:

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