Why Everyone Can Benefit From Self-Defense Training

by Ross Germano

No matter your age or other demographic details, it is possible that you will be the victim of a violent attack. Every day, men and women are assaulted by strangers or people they know. You need to have tools to minimize harm to your body, whatever the criminal intent of the perpetrator. The benefits of self-defense training make it an excellent choice for everyone.

By taking a self-defense course, you will increase your confidence. Knowing that you can protect yourself feels great. On top of that, your new-found confidence will be visible to others. Street muggers and similar criminals prefer victims who are clearly unsure of themselves, meaning they may just pass you and your assertive stance in search of someone who is easier to victimize.

Additionally, self-discipline is an integral part of learning defensive martial arts techniques. Staying motivated and reviewing the moves until they become second-nature requires an investment of time and energy. The discipline you learn will easily transfer into other aspects of your daily life.

Likewise, your self-respect grows along with your defensive abilities. As you increase your respect for others and yourself, you will gain more respect in return. Trust and respect are interwoven with most self-defense training, which leaves you better prepared to handle an attack, whether a mugger physically attacking you or a coworker throwing out verbal jabs.

Defensive training is a form of exercise, and as such, you are improving your physical health along with your mental and emotional growth. Maintaining your balance and being able to focus on your body will help you to ward off your assailant. Your body will be stronger and more flexible.

The repetition of defensive moves will create new reflexes in your body. While everyone instinctively will hold up a hand or arm to block a fist flying at them, you will have the ability to avoid it by moving quickly and positioning yourself to return the attack or flee.

As you increase your knowledge and skill, your inner spirit will become more warrior-like. No, not like a savage beast in a cage. Similar to self-esteem, this spirit is that of a survivor. For instance, in light of knowing that going to a secondary location is very dangerous, you will have the inner drive and ability to deal with the attacker at the site.

One extraordinary benefit is that you will be more aware of your surroundings. Many people walk down the street with little regard to what is happening around them. Engrossed in texting or picking a song from their mp3 player, these people are prime targets for criminals. As you are learning about self-defense, you will hold your head higher and notice what is happening around you.

The best self-defense plan will involve multiple options for you to deal with predators. A well-trained and qualified martial arts instructor offering defensive courses for the public is an excellent choice. However, many women, and men, find that additional layers of protection are a good idea.

Although personal alarms and whistles are commonly carried as a way to alert others in the event of an emergency, these are minimally effective. Unless you have nearby allies who can hear it, it will likely go unnoticed.

On the other hand, pepper spray can be a helpful tool in many instances. However, attackers under the influence of some drugs or that have mental illness may not be incapacitated by it. Read the instructions carefully when you purchase it, and carry it in an inconspicuous and easily accessible location.

Stun guns and tasers are other weapons you can carry on you. Unfortunately, stun guns have several problems, including the fact that you must hold it against them for several seconds, during which time the attacker will be using every means possible to stop you. Tasers are more effective, though they only have one or two sets of darts available for use.

Check your state laws to find out if you can legally carry them and practice the moves of using it until it becomes second-nature, just like your other defensive training. Study the reputation of the various manufacturers and their products before deciding which is best, if any, for you. Read all of the manuals carefully and take the necessary safety precautions so you do not inadvertently harm someone.

Taking self-defense classes and actions boosts your confidence and health as you gain the skills needed to avoid being a victim, or to handle matters should you still be attacked.

Ross Germano is a self-defense and security enthusiast. You can check out his site, RevereSecurity.com for great information about self-defense and security, as well as the best in security products.

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