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Warrior Training with the Bear

Are you striving to improve your warrior martial art training skills? Or are you new to the warrior training journey?

Maybe you are a seasoned veteran and your search for martial knowledge has left you frustrated and unfulfilled?

Or are you simply looking for warrior street combat self defense information and resources presented in an easy to understand and follow format?

Well you have come to the right place.

Together, We will discover the information and resources to enhance your warrior training skills. Revealing new avenues of martial instruction, enabling you to further your warrior training journey. 

Though the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training community you will discover that being a bear warrior isn't something you are, but a way of life, thus revealing that a warrior is not inherently good nor evil, but defined by their actions and training.

As your bear warrior journey progresses, you will find great detail given to each subject, thus experiencing the way of the bear warrior and the lifestyle that this warrior training journey embodies. 

This is only the beginning of your journey during which you will learn that a warrior is simply one whom is engaged in a struggle or conflict! 

"Whether you realize it or not, you are on the warrior training path and I would consider each of you to be warrior brothers and sisters. I invite you to check back often and continue on your warrior training journey with us." - Kuma

All the information in this website is presented in a simple, easy to follow format allowing warriors of all levels to benefit from this knowledge.

Whether you are inexperienced or a seasoned veteran, we have something that will improve and enhance your warrior training journey and martial lifestyle.

I have spent many long hours researching the internet for warrior training material that would supplement my own. 

While I did find many gems and some very interesting and unique warrior training avenues, I mostly had to sort through a lot of milk to get to the meat. 

This is why I created the warrior training website, which has lead to the formation of the Bear Warrior Budo Kai. Although the warrior paths present here can each stand alone, they are instead inter-woven into a focused warrior martial arts training journey.

Good journey, The Bear Warrior, Trent 'Kuma' Warner - P.S. 'Kuma' means Bear

So, Exactly What Does the Bear Warrior Martial Art Training Community have to Offer?

The Bear Warrior Training website specializes in street combat self defense training with a dedication to the enhancement of the warrior arts, while promoting self improvement through health, fitness and martial training. 

We are fully supported by the;

Bear Warrior International is dedicated to combining the traditions of the warrior arts with the realities of life. In addition, we offer several..

Programs are presented via the Bear Warrior Budo Kai.. 

  • Master Instructors
  • Exclusive Associate Instructors
  • Special Guest Instructors

The Bear Warrior Martial Art Training community will continue to investigate the many different forms of warrior knowledge as it relates to the warrior training lifestyle. Offering examples, pictures and videos from both our warrior instructors and via user input. These  will include different....

  • Techniques
  • Exercises
  • Avenues
  • Styles

So please, take a moment and use one of the sharing buttons below to bookmark, share and like the..

The Bear Warrior Martial Art Training Website

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